Software Key for AVC-Proxy re-link.

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Key features

Fast native offline editing
Fast ingest of content enabling the end-user to quickly start editing the sequence
Low storage space, lowering the cost of postproduction

The AJ-PS001 plug-in for Avid Media Composer and Avid News Cutter enables the AVC-Proxy Re-Link feature. This feature allows the fast import of AVC-Proxy and efficient native offline editing. The edit sequence can then be re-linked to corresponding high-res clips automatically. The proxy workflow benefits the end-user with faster file transfer and less storage space, an ideal solution for breaking news when getting the content back to base at speed is of importance or long-form documentaries and reality television where storage space can be a significant cost.

The Panasonic P2HD shoulder mount range of camera-recorders are able to record AVC-Proxy in parallel with higher bandwidth production formats at bit-rates from 3.5 megabits down to 800 kilobits per second. The AG-HPX250 and AG-HPX255 can also benefit from this proxy workflow by using the VITEC FS-P250 proxy recorder.

The AJ-PS001 plug-in works with Avid media composer 6.5 or later and Avid News Cutter 10.5.3 or later. The plug-in software can be downloaded from the Panasonic web site and will come with a 30-day free trial period.

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