Software Key for AVC-Intra50/100 P2 file export

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Key features

Easy export of AVC-Intra clips - In application export tool
Support for DV to DVCPRO HD

AJ-PS002 plug-in for Avid Media Composer and Avid News Cutter activates the AVC-Intra Export feature, which allows the user to export AVC-Intra 100/50 clips. The AJ-PS002 will export to either a P2 card or a specified folder on the hard drive, and supports spanned clips. It also includes DV to DVCPRO HD import and export, and AVC-Intra 100/50 import capability.

The AJ-PS002 plug-in works with Avid media composer 6.5 or later and Avid News Cutter 10.5.3 or later. The plug-in software can be downloaded from the Panasonic web site and will come with a 30-day free trial period.

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