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TAWERS Arc welding system solution

TAWERS G4 Controller

Inheriting the evolving concept and ease of use of TAWERS.Next-generation robot controller to enhance circular business model.

TAWERS Arc welding system solution

TAWERS WG4 Arc welding system

The TAWERS-WG4 Arc Welding System is suitable for CO2, MAG, MIG and Stainless Steel welding applications.

Smart solutions


Visualization by IoT enables improved productivityand quality and enhanced traceability.

TAWERS Arc welding system solution

TAWERS Software

The TAWERS “Weld Navigation” Software is an unique feature that will make your weld development much easier and faster.



Panasonic RJB, RJR and RJC-Series positioners are built to move in harmony with robots and are designed for maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your applications.

LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution)


Panasonic provides complete system solutions according to the concept ‘All from one manufacturer’ with the new development of laser welding: LAPRISS!LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution) uses the Panasonic servo control technology for controlling the laser trepanning head to generate several welding pattern and beam functions. This technological advantage makes the laser head extremely compact and light weight with a payload weight of only 4kg.An advantage of this low weight is to allow the laser head to be mounted to the high speed compact Panasonic TM series of robots.The result is a complete system with unique compactness and a seamless interface between the process and automation components.Because of its unique solution, LAPRISS has the potential to replace existing large foot print welding systems with a solution providing high speed that is immensely flexible and dramatically reduces floor space requirements.

Industrial robots

TL series

The new developed TL Robot series by Panasonic has the opportunity to work in a 2 meter working area for wide and maximum reachable welding procedures. With the efficient and rapid mechanical system this robot is the fastest robot on the market. Compared to former products the speed of the major axis is adjusted to its maximum. An integrated wire feeder and an optional usable wire guiding are only two outstanding advantages of the new Panasonic robot model. The new torch design allows an optimal adjustment of the welding torch according to the installed TCP-properties. Through this an improved path accuracy and therefore an optimal welding result can be achieved.

Industrial robots

Handling Robot

The Panasonic handling robot series provides an additional field of application capabilities within the existing robot product range.

Industrial robots

TS series

External cable management systemExternal torch cable and wire (+) Big and therefore good wire curvature (-) Large interior due to cable weight and movement Through-arm cable management systemTorch cable and wire  through the hollow shaft (+) Small interior due to outside lying cables (-) Problematic wire management

Industrial robots

TM series

Panasonic presents the TM Welding Robot Series, this being the all new and unique generation of robots. Customers have the possibility to decide freely whether to use an externally or internally mounted torch cable to match requirements of their applications. Additionally the robot series benefit from a highly rigid arm structure and an improved and efficient servo motor, which provides an enhanced harmonious movement for the positioning of the welding torch. With an all new high resolution encoder working in combination with the highly rigid arm, the TM robots provide improved path accuracy. Through this the TM robot fits optimally the requirements of a flexible and efficient welding process.

TAWERS Arc welding system solution

TAWERS WG3 Arc welding system

Optimum welding processes are achieved by utilising an integrated inverter power source within the robot controller, ensuring complete synergy within the common control system. This ensures that the established benefits and advantages of the existing TAWERS Fusion Technology are also now available for use for the range of MIG, MAG and DC TIG welding process.


AC servo motors

With the help of AC Servo Motors the functionality of positioners can be increased and furthermore additional applications are possible. A flexible solution from Panasonic! The AC-Servo Motors are free programmable and help improve synchronism with robots, enables smoother movement, and enhances productivity.

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