AI-supported camera systems

Integrated Security Features & Business Analytics

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Panasonic is a leading manufacturer, supplier and developer of AV technology and camera applications – since 1918!

Our spin-off i-PRO offers a broad range of professional cameras for warehouses and retail stores. We offer advanced technologies such as analysis and security technology that uses deep learning to take advantage of innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

For example: With the combination of an i-PRO camera and deep learning technology, you can quickly search images and automatically detect specific attributes of people or vehicles. This leading edge analytics in the surveillance industry eliminates the need for expensive analysis servers and lowers costs. As well as security, these intelligent video systems can offer additional analysis functionality, such as identity recognition and people counting.

Automatically detecting vehicles & people

Reliable identification of more than 7 vehicle types and 10 different vehicle colours.

More than 14 attributes can be automatically detected, for example, identifying a bag colour in a theft scenario. When identifying people, the AI app can reliably identify those wearing masks, hats, sunglasses or beards.

Sound Effects
Requires external microphones: Detecting and classifying suspicious sound from yells for help to breaking glass.

Providing cutting edge intelligent Search Application

  1. Setting up watchlists or running quick forensic searches based on the industry’s largest search parameters
  2. Enabling a proactive security approach and freeing the time or your staff, so they can concentrate on more rewarding tasks
  3. Easy and quick searches for images based on the external characteristics (attribute information) of people and vehicles.
  4. Industry-leading number of attributions to detect for people and vehicles.
  5. Free from expensive analysis servers as detection and attribute analysis is running on the i-PRO AI network cameras and video management operation is available by VMS.

Specific Applications for Retailers, Warehouse Operators & 3PLs

For example:
• Centrally manage a video surveillance systems across various locations
• Ensure reliable and clear footage on a 24/7 basis
• Automatically link camera images to the WMS
• Reduce Shoplifting of customers and employees

Key features

Automatically detecting vehicles & people
i-PRO Active Guard Plug-in with VMS client
Web Browser Dashboard
i-PRO Active Guard Server
VMS Server

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