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Panasonic Factory Solutions exemplifies service excellence through its unwavering commitment to client collaboration. With a legacy of delivering tailored support worldwide, the company sets the standard optimizing service and elevating overall performance. From initial consultation to ongoing support, Panasonic Factory Solutions remains a steadfast partner backed by a skilled workforce and trusted technologies.

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Flexible maintenance

Panasonic offers comprehensive maintenance options: from primary maintenance to bolt-on options according to individual demands, flexible warranty extensions, price cap options to machine option bundles.

With annual on-site service, Panasonic makes sure your chosen solution works as effectively as possible. That includes a 24/7 service hotline, inspection as well as the calibration of smart factory solutions.

As part of our maintenance bolt-on options, our customers can choose from individual warranty extensions and even price cap rates.

For total control of costs over the lifecycle, the TCO maintenance life plan covers a timespan of ten years with annual service (including calibration), head checker analysis and overhaul service.

Part of the maintenance benefits for software products are remote system health checks, software service fee reduction, and development prioritization.

Even a license transfer service and free upgrade licenses are part of our maintenance service.


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Our service team is happy to assist you during our office hours from Monday - Friday 08:00-18:00. 

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Our Contact & Support Areas

Benoit Mary
Team Leader Service Coordinator
France, Morocco, Switzerland, Tunisia

Jordi Gimenez
Team Leader Service Coordinator
Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia

Necip Oral
Team Leader Service Coordinator
Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey

Dave Rudge
Section Head Regional Service
Ireland, Scandinavia, Scotland, UK

Kalman Torma
Section Head Regional Service
Eastern Europe

Spare Parts

We are happy to assist you.

  • Hamburg Call Centre
  • 24/7 emergency spare part service
  • Web access for pricing and stock
  • Global access to spare parts
  • Spare parts warehouses are located in Germany (Hamburg & Pfaffenhofen) and Hungary (Budapest)


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