Cleaning Mobile Devices

Test results across the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK range

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Written by
Baris Koc

Product Manager for Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division Europe – Panasonic Connect Europe

Cleaning Mobile Devices

Test results across the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK range

We have all become familiar with washing our hands more in the current environment. As well as the need for higher standards of personal cleanliness, our attention has also been drawn, like never before, to how best to regularly clean the work tools we use everyday, including our mobile devices.

Now everyone knows that Panasonic’s range of rugged notebooks, tablets and handhelds are as tough as their TOUGHBOOK name but even these devices were not designed with everyday disinfecting in mind. But as many customers, users and partners were wondering, the helpful people at Panasonic’s testing facility in Japan have been taking a closer look.  And when they take a look at something, it’s not just a cursory glance at the issue or a few quickly thrown together tests. These folks are specialists and have put the entire range through its paces in record time.

So, here are the results. Panasonic rigorously tested these devices to see how many times they could be cleaned. The test procedure was to wipe each area on the device 10,000 times with the liquid solution at a pressure of 1 kfg/cm2.

Panasonic has tested and evaluated the disinfectants listed in the below table. Of course, they can’t warranty the impact of using the disinfectants over a prolonged time as the products were never intended for this purpose but we thought you would still like to know.

Table showing the different cleaning wipes tested on TOUGHBOOK devices
Panasonic recommends cleaning wipes to avoid prolonged exposure to chemicals that can cause oxidation and paint discoloration, and break down the rubber that seals the devices. If the wipe form of these disinfectants is used and the surface is dried soon after application, this will reduce the impact on the appearance of the metal and plastic surfaces of the computing device.

Remember, these disinfectant wipes are not a substitute for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) or other safety measures which may be necessary to reduce or eliminate the spread of harmful germs, bacteria or viruses. And it’s important I end by giving the official warning:  Subjecting your mobile devices to excessive disinfectant exposure may be harmful to the device. Consult your manufacturer and/or refer to the manual for warnings and instructions for proper use. 

Stay safe!

For more information on the devices featured in this test, visit the TOUGHBOOK website.

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