The evolving nature of cybersecurity and its challenges

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Written by
Martin Bell

Tech & Digital Policy Manager – Panasonic Europe B.V.

The evolving nature of cybersecurity and its challenges


Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving challenge that impacts everyone. Cyber threats are in a constant state of flux as attackers’ techniques are evolving and always advancing. This is why cybersecurity resilience is a top priority for Panasonic and should also be for everyone.

According to recent statistics, the best estimations we have is that cyber-attacks take place daily every 39 seconds with a total of 2244 cybersecurity attacks per day! Cybercrime approximately costs $6 trillion across the Globe, with malware attacks costing companies on average $2.6 million.

We are witnessing the Government and infrastructure across Europe being ruthlessly targeted by international cyber aggressors. The attacks on some infrastructure can cripple sectors that are essential to their society and wellbeing, for example, attacks on energy and health grids.

Panasonic is ensuring that resilient and robust cybersecurity measures are at the forefront of all stages of development, from the product design phase to the selling into the markets and then to finally the post-market adoption through software updates and patches.

As the old adage goes, ‘we are only as strong as our weakest link’ and therefore cybersecurity is not just a high-level priority but also a priority for employees and Panasonic customers.

At Panasonic, we look to ensure that all employees are fully trained and aware of the cyber threats and ensure employees take the best measures available in reducing risk and exposure. For example, requiring employees to change passwords multiple times a year.

Attacks continue to evolve, so for Panasonic, we ensure that we harness all the key advancements of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combat attackers. Panasonic utilizes some of the most advanced AI systems in this fight.  For example, Panasonic Automotive has implemented AI to identify suspicious events and these suspicious events will be picked by an advanced remote security management system then mitigation measures will be put in place. This gives Panasonic a significant advantage against malicious actors.

Finally, Panasonic is at the forefront and fully supportive of the further development of the cybersecurity regulatory landscape alongside supporting initiatives such as the Tech Accord. The Tech Accord is a multi-enterprise initiative that put forth principles that commit signatories to act responsibly, to protect and empower users and customers, and improve the security, stability, and resilience of cyberspace.

Cybersecurity is an extremely complex challenge that we all face daily, as a company, as individuals and as a society.

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