How to present in a hybrid workplace

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Daniela Karakaci

How to present in a hybrid workplace

Break down the barriers between remote and office collaboration with the right technology

There are plenty of benefits to hybrid working. More time spent with your loved ones, for example. Less time wasted on that painful Monday morning commute. And any hours clocked in at the office feel more productive and inspiring. 

But that’s not to say everything runs smoothly. 

From teething issues with setting up equipment, to poor connection quality once you’re finally ready to present. 

Balancing your time between office working and working from home or with your clients, shouldn’t mean losing valuable time to technology woes.

Is there a way to better support our hybrid model of screen-to-screen and face-to-face? Could our digital reality and the real world be better integrated? And can we ensure that despite a disparate workforce, our connections, collaboration and conversations continues? 

At Panasonic, we believe the answer is yes. And it starts with the PressIT wireless presentation system.  

Make setting up painless

Wouldn’t the workplace be so much easier if you could just show up, switch on your laptop and instantly start sharing? Setup would be simple if there were no connecting cables or time-stealing installations to deal with. 

The Panasonic PressIT wireless presentation system makes complicated setup a thing of the past.  

There are no cables. No software downloads. No stress. And what's more, it saves you time to concentrate on the important things like your presentation. So you can share fast, straightforward and high-quality content with a single push of a button.  

Make sure everyone is involved

Technology should never be a barrier to collaboration – it should enhance it. In fact, the best technology gives those in the room, and out of it, a seat at the table.  

Now, you can be sure that everyone can take part in proceedings effortlessly, using technology they’re familiar with.  

PressIT facilitates the increasingly favoured bring your own device (BYOD) movement.

Compatible with all operating systems, it means your meeting attendees can use their own hardware in sessions, no matter whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop. All without encountering barriers to actively participation.  

Make collaboration as fluid as possible  

If hybrid on- and offline conversations are to work, and fusing digital presentations with real-world discussion is to be productive, attendees must be able to seamlessly shift between devices, people, rooms – even countries.  

PressIT’s wireless technology means your work can more easily be displayed on larger – or even multiple screens – for all to see and contribute to.  

Various team members can ‘drive’ the discussion from their own machines, without productivity-sapping stops and starts as a result of cable or device changeovers.  

PressIT can connect to up to 32 devices at one time, and switch between presenters in just one click. What’s more, in multimode format, you can even present across 4 different screens in crystal clear HD.  

Plus, it offers full HD-resolution and smooth video content, free from delay and lag. So resources can be shared in real-time.  

Keeping security a top priority 

Because PressIT removes the need for connecting assorted dongles and cables, the security risks of digital viruses is minimised. There’s no need to worry about plugging in unknown cables and storage devices, or downloading new software – simply plug and play. 

Plus with no local memory, any files transmitted are completely secure, while the device’s wireless encryption ensures cyber-attacks are a thing of the past. 

There’s no need to sacrifice on time and painless processes when we choose hybrid working. With the right technology, we can enjoy the best-of-both-world-benefits it offers: all the efficiency of remote working, coupled with the creative and social advantages of in-person exchanges.  

With PressIT, collaboration across the miles can be as easy as collaboration across the room.  

Book a free product demo with the Panasonic PressIT team today, and discover your organisation’s full potential with wire-free, flexible presentations. 

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