Panasonic Connect Europe 1st Year Anniversary

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Panasonic Connect Europe 1st Year Anniversary

What a Difference a Year Makes…

It’s a year since the formation of Panasonic Connect Europe (PCOEU) and there have been significant changes in both the business and the wider macro-economic environment. On its first anniversary, CEO Hiroyuki Nishiuma reflects on how the organization is now better positioned than ever to help European businesses in these challenging times.

When we formed Panasonic Connect Europe one year ago, we knew that the organization would be better matched to meet the changing needs of European business but we could never have foreseen the huge macro-economic changes that have so quickly impacted the continent.

Rapidly rising energy costs, inflation and global supply chain issues are all putting a squeeze on the European economy and businesses are looking for ways to address these challenges. The innovative use of cutting-edge products and solutions are an important tool in this battle and one that Panasonic Connect Europe is now better than ever equipped to help them with.

Sound reasoning

Our reasoning for launching the new Panasonic business-to-business organization was two-fold. First to create a more focused, agile and dynamic business to support the fast-changing needs of our customers. The establishment of Panasonic Connect Europe achieved this goal as an independent business operating company under the new Panasonic Holding Company structure. It gave us the flexibility and freedom to make our own business decisions and to quickly react to the market by shaping the organisation to best meet the needs of Business-to-Business customers.

Secondly, it reinforced our focus on the cutting-edge products, high-quality services and solutions we offer. One of our business pillars consists of three core products, all of which have global No.1 market share in each target market segment. We have focussed on adding value to our customers by further enhancing those core products’ competitiveness. In addition, we are also helping our customers to solve their business pains by reshaping their workflows and improving productivity with our integrated systems, services and software solutions, including those from owned partner companies, such as Blue Yonder and Zetes.

With GEMBA Process Innovation we can help our customers analyze their workflows and operational processes and use new technology solutions to become more effective, productive and sustainable. Using our Edge systems, and AI-driven supply chain software from our sister organization Blue Yonder, we can optimize supply chains and drive new efficiencies. In the business world today, this can equate to real advantages such as energy saved in manufacturing processes, emissions cut through efficient logistics, and smoother running supply chains with real-time needs analysis and delivery scheduling.

New solutions

As we move forward, we plan to further harness the advantages of Blue Yonder and Zetes software applications for all our customers. We have already started to offer our joint solutions to our wider customer-base and these can be seen at our Customer Experience Centre in Munich. Importantly, we are also working on new, innovative combined solutions that will unleash the full potential of Panasonic Connect, Blue Yonder and Zetes technology and know-how.

I am proud of what we have achieved in this first year of our new organization but there is still much work to be done and these are exciting times for both Panasonic Connect Europe and its customers. As businesses and public sector organizations look to address the major challenges they face over the coming year, I am confident that Panasonic Connect Europe is now better placed than ever to help them. In a further year’s time, I look forward to reflecting on the major transformations and accomplishments of those customers that have taken advantage of our solutions.

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