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At Panasonic, we believe that purchasing our products means more than acquiring technology for your business; it's an investment in the exceptional support provided by our specialist customer service team. Since 2006, our Centralised Service operation in the UK has providing Europe wide repair services for our full range of Media Entertainment Products.

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Our Technicians: The Heart of Our Expertise

Our technicians are the backbone of our service excellence. They possess an intricate understanding of Panasonic products, working closely with our R&D and production facilities in Japan. This synergy ensures repairs are executed swiftly and accurately. Complementing their expertise is our in-house multi-language help desk and field engineering team, delivering high-level support to our valued B2B customers across Europe.

Two Repair Centers, One Unified Commitment

Our in-house repair workshops offer comprehensive service coverage across the EU, EAA & UK. We leave no stone unturned in providing top-notch service:

Training and Service Escalation from Osaka, Japan: Our direct link to our factory in Osaka, Japan, guarantees access to the latest expertise.

Full Ownership of Service Handling: We take full ownership of the entire service process, ensuring accountability and quality.

European-Wide Field Support Team: Our extensive field support team ensures prompt assistance.

In and Out of Warranty Repairs: We offer repairs both within and outside warranty coverage.

Seamless Online Repair Orders

Submitting repair orders is hassle-free. Start by creating an account and registering your unit. Once done, you can submit repair orders with ease. Upon receiving your repair request, you'll receive an automated confirmation. We'll then reach out to arrange product collection and return to our service facility. For select models, you can even request packaging during your Repair Order submission. We will make sure the packing is delivered prior to the collection.  Click below to visit SUPPORTAL our customer Support Site.

Our 5-Day Promise

To ensure a seamless repair process, we offer a return-to-base service that collects your device, conducts thorough checks, performs repairs, rigorous testing, and promptly returns the product. Our commitment is to complete all repairs, door to door, within five working days. Thanks to the efficient, integrated approach of our service team, we often exceed this five-day target.

Track Your Repairs Online

For repairs logged via SUPPORTAL, our customer serve portal, you can conveniently track the status of your repair order once you log in to your account.

Loan Units (Available for Projectors and Professional Cameras)

In cases where repairs can't be completed within the expected 5-day turnaround time, and this delay isn't due to transport or customs issues, we offer a Loan product for products covered by warranty or extended warranty, subject to availability.

Multi-lingual Support From Our In-house Contact Centre

Our dedicated team of native language speakers covers 8 languages, ensuring accurate reception and understanding of inquiries, guaranteeing clear communication at all times.

Choose Panasonic for not just cutting-edge technology but also for the unwavering support that comes with it. Your business deserves the best, and we're here to provide it.