Panasonic launches customisable multi touch videowall

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Panasonic has launched a new ShadowSense touchscreen video wall solution, offering full customisation with high visibility, performance, and reliability.

Aimed at retailers, museums and high-end corporations, the fully customisable multi touch solution is built with Panasonic’s 55-inch panels to provide a cost-effective method to create an interactive video wall display of any size. The most common configurations are 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, 4x2 or 4x3. In addition, the touch functionality overlay can be installed on site by Panasonic as part of a service package or ordered separately, making this a true bespoke system.

Three different types of 55-inch panels are available in 700 cd/m2 (VF1-SST and LFV70-SST) or 500 cd/m2 (LFV8-SST), providing high brightness visibility with 24/7 robust operation. All are designed with a seamless bezel, ensuring all video walls have no disruption between the screens.

The ShadowSense technology uses sensors to detect an object’s shadow and work out its exact location. It is able to recognise a maximum of 20 different simultaneous touch points for larger video walls, with 12 touchpoints in simple configurations such as 2x1.The technology automatically detects and switches between input devices, such as a fingertip, stylus or eraser and is also able to identify and ignore accidental touches.

All 55-inch panels are adapted to digital signage with inputs automatically syncronised with HDMI, DisplayPort, Digital Link and USB connectivity. The displays are capable of both portrait and landscape mounting.

Panasonic launches customisable multi touch videowall

Harmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic, said, “We feel it is incredibly important to provide a flexible, customised service which meets customers’ needs, which is why we provide installation of the touch overlay on site as an option. This solution offers a totally seamless design of high quality interactive images with an overlay that enables fast, real-time response, high touch accuracy and outstanding performance in bright areas with no disruptions between screens.”

Each touch video wall is built bespokely by consulting Panasonic.                                                       

For more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions, please visit:

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