Portable Projectors designed for professional use

It goes where you go. The lightest, brightest projectors for captivating your audience.

Designed for medium to small classrooms and meeting rooms. 

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Portable Projectors

Now nothing comes in the way of your presentation

Presenting can be stressful enough, without having to worry about your projector. That’s why Panasonic portable projectors are designed to get you in front of your audience quickly and easily – and keep them engaged. With increased reliability, brightness and superior contrast ratios, our small projectors deliver crisp graphics and easy-to-read text, even in bright rooms.

Panasonic aims to keep you focused on your delivery. Highly efficient parts make for trouble-free operation and easy maintenance – in fact, some of our portable devices can go for 7,000 hours without a lamp or air filter change, lowering maintenance costs and reducing environmental impact, too. And in quiet mode, they make less noise than writing with a pencil.

So never again will the sound of a cooling fan distract your audience during that all-important presentation.

Thanks to the Plug and Share function, Panasonic offers the best wireless projectors, too. So you’ll never have to change your plans because of wiring issues.

And some of our portable LCD projectors feature DIGITAL LINK. This allows you to transmit high quality images, video, audio and control signals over a long distance (up to 150 m) with a single LAN cable.

Discover more about our portable projectors in our case studies or explore our range.