Short Throw Projectors

The freedom to get closer. Present in front of the screen without casting a shadow.

Designed for small classrooms and compact meeting rooms. 

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Short throw projectors are designed to bring the projector closer to the screen. This allows the presenter to stand right in front of the screen without casting a shadow on the presentation content. This makes short throw projectors ideal for interactive applications in education and for presentations in smaller meeting rooms.

Lightweight, compact but powerful

Some of our short throw projectors can project an impressive 80–inch (diagonal) image from just 80 cm away from the screen, which allows users to create big pictures in tight spaces such as small classrooms and conference rooms. 

Our range features short throw projectors with 3,200 to 3,800 lumens of brightness giving great image quality and brightness. Exclusive Daylight View Basic technology measures surrounding illumination with a built-in ambient light sensor, and corrects the image in real-time to project clear, crisp images even in brightly-lit rooms, producing lifelike images with remarkable depth.

Remote operation options and low power consumption

For added flexibility, a wired LAN connection enables remote operation, which is especially ideal for ceiling-mounted use. The free Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software is available for monitoring and controlling multiple Panasonic projectors from a single PC, which means a projector's status and condition can be checked without anyone having to physically walk to the room where it is installed.

Panasonics’ ecological design greatly reduces any environmental impact, with low power consumption, often as low as 0.4W in Eco Standby Mode. Direct Power Off utilizes accumulated power to keep the cooling fan operating until the lamp is cooled, so the operator can disconnect the power cable immediately after use.

Browse our short throw projectors and view the detailed spec sheets to find out which short throw projector is right for your business.