Autonomous Factory


Ensuring the production of non-defective items through the integrated control of autonomous uninterrupted mounting lines and floors independent of any human intervention and judgment.

Increased Productivity and Accuracy

The new NPM G Series

The high-productive NPM-GH pick and place machine is part of the new NPM G Series to help making autonomous factories a reality. The NPM G Series includes its auto setting feeder (ASF), NPM-GP/L stencil printer, and NPM-GH pick and place machine. The NPM-GH increases overall quality, output and ultimately boosts automation within the production line.

Key features

Industry's top-class edge device
Latest evolution of NPM G Series
Remote operation option
Automatic recovery option
Autonomous control of variations in 5Ms

The future of manufacturing

The fully automated placement solution is part of the Autonomous Factory series. The compact and lightweight placement head of the NPM-GH pick and place machine delivers high-level productivity with outstanding accuracy of ± 15 μm, as well as optional ultra-precise placement at ± 10 μm.

Autonomous control of variations in 5Ms

5M Options: For realizing your autonomous production, we offer a variety of optional tools within the concept.



Real-time unit monitoring: APC-5M monitors the conditions of target units in real time and provides notification of the timing of maintenance of each unit or any error condition that could interrupt production, depending on variations in monitored unit values. This function enables you to conduct maintenance at optimal times.

Automatic recovery option

When pickup / recognition error occurred, the machine automatically corrects the pickup position without stopping, and resumes production. That improves machine operation rate. 

Evolved automatic recovery (predicted control)

LNB automatically analyzes the variation of pickup / recognition error rate and instructs the machine to perform teaching to prevent machine error stop.


An optional built-in LCR check is performed at the start of production and during part supply or model changeover. This makes it possible to prevent mounting of wrong parts, detect abnormal parts and trace / record the LCR values of each part.

Tray Stocker

A labor-saving supply tray stocker can support on replacing or refilling tray magazines without having to stop the machine. The frequency of magazine refilling of is reduced as well. 

Departure from skill-based operations

Remote operation option

Recovery by remote operation is available for the error of which recovery can be made based on human judgment alone. This enables concentrated on-the-floor monitoring, eliminating the time lost for the operator to detect error and take appropriate action, reducing the error recovery time, and thus achieving labor saving and improved operating rate.

AOI Info Display option

Information on components judged NG by AOI is displayed both on AOI and NPM.

Specifications table

PCB dimensions (mm)Single-lane mode: L 50 mm × W50 mm ~ L 510 mm × W 590 mm Dual -lane mode: L 50 mm × W50 mm ~ L 510 mm × W 300 mm
PCB exchange2.3 s ( L 350 mm or less) 5.0 s ( L 350 mm or over to L 510 mm or less)
Electric Source3-phase AC 200 , 220 , 380 , 400 , 420 , 480 V 2.1 kVA
Pneumatic SourceMin.0.5 MPa ~ Max. 0.8 MPa、200 L / min (A.N.R.)
Dimensions (mm)W 975 mm × D 2 473 mm × H 1 444 mm
Mass2 330 kg
Placement HeadFC16 head FC08 head FC03 head
Placement Head max SpeedFC16 head: 51 500 cph (0.069 s / chip) high prod. / 37 500 cph(0.096 s / chip)high acc. FC08 head: 25 500 cph (0.141 s / chip)high prod. / 20 500 cph (0.176 s / chip): high acc. FC03 head: 10 100 cph (0.356 s / chip) high prod / 9 000 cph (0.4 s / chip)high acc.
Placement AccuracyFC16 head: ±25 μm /chip high prod / ±15 μm /chip high acc. FC08 head: ±25 μm / chip high prod / ±15 μm /chip high acc FC03 head: ±25 μm / chip high prod / ±15 μm / chip high acc
Component dimensionsFC16 head: 0201 chip / 03015 chip ~ L 10 × W 10 × T 3 FC08 head: 0402 chip ~ L 45 × W 45 or L 100 × W 40 × T 12 FC03 head: 0603 chip ~ L 120 × W 90 or L 150 × W 25 × T 30
TapingFC16 head: Tape:4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 44 / 56 mm FC08 head: Tape:4 ~ 56 / 72 mm FC03 head: Tape:4 ~ 56 / 72 / 88 / 104 mm
StickFC08 head & FC03 head: ITF cart(17-slot) specifications:Max.48
TrayFC08 head & FC03 head: Max.24

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