TOUGHBOOK 40 Tactical

A flexible, defence-ready solution empowered by roda

As digitalisation swiftly permeates every aspect of military operations, the urgency for networked mission vehicles has never been greater. While most commercial off-the-shelf devices can be secured with mechanical mounting plates, achieving seamless integration with military interfaces is a different challenge altogether. 

Enter the TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL – the solution that bridges this critical gap.

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A flexible solution for in-vehicle operations

The TOUGHBOOK 40 Tactical features a specialised module from roda computer, uniquely designed for seamless integration in both tracked and wheeled military vehicles.

TOUGHBOOK 40 Tactical - Flexible

Optimised mounting and simple, reliable connection ensure streamlined logistics and improved operational flexibility on any vehicle, wheeled or tracked.

TOUGHBOOK 40 Tactical - Reliability

The solution ensures reliable connections via military round connectors, with an embedded Port Control Protocol (PCP) for signal transfer from central docking stations.

TOUGHBOOK 40 Tactical - Compatibility

For a solution that lasts throughout the platform’s life cycle, the TOUGHBOOK 40 Tactical maintains its design consistency over time. This enables the technological refresh of core components, while allowing the module to be reused without further technical support.

Key Features

The specialised module seamlessly integrates with standard military connectors, allowing local procurement and compliance with country-specific vehicle protocols.

The TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL boasts AI processing with Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 or Ultra 7 CPUs, enhancing efficiency and accuracy, alongside Intel® Arc™ or AMD RADEON™ Pro GPUs for superior graphics performance

Military Connectors

  • The modular design allows up to three flange connectors with sizes 08 to 14.​

  • This also applies to the 38999 connector variant from Amphenol or Sourios.​

  • The module can integrate other industry connectors like ODU, Fischer, Terra Pin

Project Base Protocol

Protocols and interfaces for a wide range of project-based applications

  • DVI and Display Port​

  • USB 2.0 and USB 3.x​

  • Serial and PCIe ​

  • CAN BUS and MIL-STD-1553B BUS​

  • Gigabit LAN

Specialised module (configuration example)

DVI incl. USB 2.0

Gigabit LAN

Optional Military Accessories

  • Schock-proof Mount for higher MIL-STD vibration profiles
  • DC/DC Convertor ROD Modular
  • Military cables

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