The EMS Tablet: The first choice
for first responders

Supporting the delivery of faster emergency care and more positive outcomes for patients.

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Rugged tablets that Emergency Medical Services (EMS) teams can rely on when it matters the most.

First responders called out to deliver emergency pre-hospital care – often in outdoor and harsh environments – are up against enough challenges. Technology shouldn’t be one of them.
The EMS Tablet is the rugged, portable device for first responders that provides fast, secure access to patient information and the support of the wider healthcare system, all at the scene of an emergency.
It helps EMS teams overcome the environmental and digital challenges of emergency response through design and functionality capabilities including:

  • Multi-vehicular integration
  • Portable remote support
  • Real-time access to medical data
  • Infection prevention and control
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Multi-vehicular integration

TOUGHBOOK vehicle design capabilities and vehicle docks make it easier and safer for first responders to access and update medical records and communicate on the move.

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Portable remote support

The EMS tablet is the portable rugged tablet that gives first responders the full technological support they require when responding to emergencies in all conditions.

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Real-time access to medical data

The EMS tablet helps first responder teams to swiftly deliver the most effective treatment and ensure a seamless   transition between medical data systems and healthcare professionals.

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Infection prevention and control

The EMS tablet withstands disinfectants, helping teams to prevent the spread of infections via mobile devices and work effectively even while wearing latex gloves.

Digitalisation in Czech Ambulances

The medical rescue service of the Hradec Králové Region uses the rugged Toughbook G2 tablet to save lives.

Paramedics in Sweden make critical difference

When every mission has the potential to mean life or death, you need tech that won’t let you down.

Panasonic Connect for emergency response

To ensure safer, more effective, and efficient care, emergency and first responder services must digitise.

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