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IT/IP-centric video platform (KAIROS)

IT/IP-centric platform based on an open software architecture that will bring ground-breaking innovations to many markets in the video industry, starting with a very powerful broadcast video switcher.



Tablet Toughbook 33, maximálně odolné 12,0" zařízení s dvěma bateriemi a funkcí výměny za provozu Hot Swap a vysoce konfigurovatelnými funkcemi přináší bezkonkurenční flexibilitu a výkon pro mobilní pracovníky. Díky volitelné oddělitelné klávesnici nabízí Toughbook 33 mobilním pracovníkům to nejlepší z celého světa. Cílovými uživateli tohoto zařízení jsou terénní techničtí pracovníci, pracovníci údržby a servisu obsluhující technickou infrastrukturu a telekomunikace, zaměstnanci státních úřadů, obrany, policie a dalších pohotovostních služeb.


TOUGHBOOK 33 Detachable

Notebook Toughbook 33 2-v-1, oddělitelný, s displejem 12,0", maximální odolností, dvěma bateriemi a funkcí výměny za provozu Hot Swap, oddělitelnou klávesnicí a vysoce konfigurovatelnými funkcemi přináší pracovníkům v terénu bezkonkurenční flexibilitu a výkon. Díky oddělitelné klávesnici a 6 režimům použití nabízí Toughbook 33 2-v-1 terénním pracovníkům to nejlepší z celého světa. Cílovými uživateli tohoto zařízení jsou terénní techničtí pracovníci, pracovníci údržby a servisu obsluhující technickou infrastrukturu a telekomunikace, zaměstnanci státních úřadů, obrany, policie a dalších pohotovostních služeb.



10,1" plně odolný tablet se systémem Windows 11 Pro

Mounting (SMT)


The NPM-VF is equipped with a double portal. The SMD and THT components are placed by one placement head per portal. A wide variety of vacuum pipettes and grippers are available. The pick and place machine can be used in single or dual lane mode. The NPM-VF reaches a speed of up to 4,500cph and can process component sizes from 5x5mm up to 130x35mm and 60mm height. Active cutting and clinching tools are integrated which detach THT components from the radial and axial feeders. Clinching directions as well as pin lengths per THT component can be defined via the assembly program. Beside the radial and axial feeders, the NPM-VF can be equipped with all common standard feeder systems for SMD components. The flexible NPM-VF is an ideal machine for cycle-optimized production, especially for companies that must process both types of components due to the increased demand from power electronics for THT assemblies. This efficient pick and place machine contributes to reduce manpower requirements and to consistent production with high productivity, flexibility and high-quality pick and place results.

Mounting (SMT)


The NPM-DX provides a greater line throughput, better quality and lower production cost featuring an autonomous line control, which guaranties a stable operation based on automatic functionality. This functionality in combination with the machine set up offers a labor-saving production with improved utilization. In combination with the Panasonic software environment and embedded into an Industry 4.0 philosophy, the user can expect a modern shop floor management system including various remote operation options, feeder setup navigation, component supply navigation etc. In total, the NPM-DX reduces downtimes and increase the line throughput. With 92 400 cph and a feeder capacity for up to 136 reels, the NPM-DX is the ideal solution to meet the expectation of an evolving electronics assembly industry. The NPM-DX can process PCB sizes of up to 510 x 590 mm and place large connectors (up to 150 x 25mm) and other components (up to 120 x 90mm). This and other features make the NPM-DX the best solution for high volume-mix manufacturing.


MD-P200 Die Bonder

Unit Level Manufacturing by the synchro-motion of dispensing and bondingThe MD-P200's die bonding is carried out immediately after epoxy dispensing, thereby making it possible to finish the bonding operation before the epoxy has deteriorated. This realizes stable and high quality bonding at all bond positions on a substrate. In addition, the bonding stage camera enables pre-bonding inspection immediately after epoxy dispensing and post-bonding control immediately after the bonding of a die. This process enables manufacturing with real-time quality inspection.User-friendly operationA large touch panel and interactive software realize an easy and reliable operating environment for all users from beginners to experts.

Power sources

Manual welding power sources

Panasonic provides MIG/MAG/TIG inverter pulse welding power sources and wire feeders with intelligent remote control units for manual welding. All parts are based on the latest generation of Panasonic digital technology. It has 100% digital controlled ensuring high quality welding and easy access to the IT world via PC based interface.

Laser marking machine


Panasonic's  LPS-C significantly improves the quality and process of marking. To avoid peeling off barcode-stickers or the smearing of printed marks, laser marking directly on the surface is a reliable alternative. High-precision marking with a minimum cell size of 0.1 mm × 0.1 mm. In addition, the system can mark at high speed of 0.3 s/mark. As well as characters and numbers, the LPC-S is able to mark barcodes and 2D-codes. The LPS-C has an automatic serialisation function which avoids wrong or duplicate serial numbers. This machine is an in-line solution and can be placed in any SMT production line and be fully integrated with PanaCIM.

Mounting (SMT)


The NPM-WX  represents the  next  generation  of  Panasonic’s  mounting  production  concept “Smart manufacturing”. The platform represents higher  line  throughput  and  improved  quality  at  lower cost  thanks  to  integrated  automated  systems.  APC  system  and  automatic  recovery  are  integrated  to provide autonomous line control.  The  incorporated  floor-management system and  remote-operation option  improve  utilisation  combined  with  lower  labour  costs.  Feeder  set-up  and  component supply  navigation  systems  are available, helping  to  reduce  the  work  variations. The  NPM-WX  can  handle  a  wide variety  of  components, from  0402  chip  components  up  to  large  components with  a max. size  of 150x25x40 mm.  Parts can be supplied from  tape,  stick or tray-feeder . Feeder-cart  flexibility can be provided by selecting the existing 30-input feeder cart or inserting two 17-input feeder carts. 4 different types of placement heads are available. Max. placement speed is 86,000 cph with a placement accuracy of +/-25 μm. Thanks  to  NPM-WX’s  integrated  systems,  component  diversity  and  available  options,  it  represents  the perfect solution for automated SMT production for all kinds of product. The machine is fully compatible with  other  NPM-systems  and can  therefore  also be fully integrated into  existing  production  lines. Connection  and  control  via  Panasonics  iLNB  is  ensured  to provide full  control  of  production  and  required management data. This platform is also available as a single-beam solution: NPM-WXS single beam allows various operations ranging, from NPM-series backup to multiple connection configuration.

Mounting (SMT)


Higher productivity and quality thanks to the integration of printing, placement and inspection processes make the NPM-W2 one of the most flexible and versatile pick-and-place solutions on the market. This machine provides the user with a tool that allows him to choose between high speed or high accuracy, depending on the PCB requirements. In addition, the NPM-W2 is optimised for larger boards and larger components, such as PCBs up to 750 x 550 mm and components up to 150 x 25 x 30 mm (L,W,H). For high productivity, dual lanes can be used.Features The multifunctional NPM-W2 is equipped with a 12-nozzle head and can place 38,500 components. 120 feeders can be mounted. Additionally, the NPM-W2 can automatically inspect solder depots and components according to the production data. As a third function, the NPM can be fitted with the conventional HDF discharge mechanism, which ensures high-quality non-contact dispensing with a screw valve-dispenser. This platform is also available as a single-beam solution:NPM-W2S single beam allows various operations ranging, from NPM-series backup to multiple connection configuration.

System Product Collaboration


The CamBot.system is composed of a robotic arm, a control software and a remote controller