What vs Why

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Written by
Jan Urban.

What vs Why

Many organisations can explain what they do but they often struggle to explain why.

During its one hundred plus year history, Panasonic has manufactured many thousands of products. It’s very likely that at least one product in your household is either Panasonic branded or at least the technology inside is from Panasonic. So, I am sure most people know what we do but why are we doing it? What is our purpose?

It’s one of the reasons why I think the global name change for Panasonic’s business-to-business organisation to Panasonic Connect Europe on April 1st, was such a good decision. It speaks so accurately to our ambition to help our customers.

We summarise our purpose as this newly named organisation under the following three aspects:

  • Change Work
  • Advance Society
  • Connect to Tomorrow

What we mean by this statement is that by connecting people, processes and technologies we can move society forward because if we can connect people, we can create a better future.

Being a Connector

So, what does it mean to be a connector? I think it’s an undeniably positive word. At a human level, I instantly think of connecting with people. We connect to share views and experiences

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A clear purpose

Our purpose is to change the way we all work, to advance society and to help connect to tomorrow. But what does that mean in reality? By connecting the power of people and technology, we bring innovation to our customers' operations across many industry sectors and create a better future. We are practical and work closely with them and our partners on the ground, facing their challenges alongside them.

Whether it’s their technology, process, or operating site, we help improve and innovate work where the most impact is created. This allows us to be constantly learning and iterating, helping our customers and ourselves get smarter in the process.

We achieve this by leveraging our decades-long experience and the latest technologies, including those of our partners, such as AI supply chain software specialists Blue Yonder. We connect everything we provide, from hardware and software to smart components and autonomous systems, to create value for a customers’ business.

Shared values

But of course, it’s not knowledge, technology and process alone. We operate in a complex business world from media and entertainment to mobile business computing, supply chain and smart factory solutions. The challenges are varied and difficult and often are being solved for the first time. As a result, our people share some common attributes that help to make us successful in our endeavours.

We have empathy. We understand the complex challenges facing our entire ecosystem — including our customers, partners, and co-workers — and work together to add new value.

We rely on teamwork. We work to create an inclusive culture and recognise the value of diverse perspectives.  We believe that open communication unlocks creativity and innovation.

Of course, for each of our employees being a connector can mean different things for them in their day-to-day roles. But we are all committed to shaping a global network that connects people to the technology and support they need.

We are always observing the evolving needs of society and are relentless in our pursuit of new innovations and achievements for the benefit of our customers and the world.

And lastly, we are focused on results. We succeed only when our customers succeed. But we recognise our responsibilities as global citizens and we try to act with complete openness and transparency.

So, on reflection, saying you’re a connector is easy but it’s the ability to demonstrate that we can connect people, processes, and technologies to move society forward that will ultimately matter. It starts with a name change but we are committed to making it a daily reality. It’s our way of ensuring a sustainable future for our customers and our planet.

It’s how we partner for tomorrow and we hope you will connect with us on this journey because we can achieve so much more together.

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