Panasonic equips the world’s best new event centre with imaging technology

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Client: Cubex Centre Prague

Location: Na Strži 2097/63, Praha 4, 140 00


To fully fit out a multipurpose facility with imaging technology.


PT-RZ970 projectors cater to all projection needs. The meeting rooms feature 84” EF1 and LFE8 displays. 32” and 48” LCD screens are used as information panels. The main reception’s video wall consists of eight 55” displays. The installation is complemented by a 47” outdoor information panel.

Cubex Centre Prague is a modern multipurpose hub nestled in Pankrác – Prague’s “City” district. The uniqueness and modularity of the interiors combine with a state-of-the-art video presentation system to make this facility an industry leader in Central and Eastern Europe.

"We were keen to find projection technology that would be second to none without cluttering the orderly design of the conference space. Panasonic delivered on our requirements by supplying a solution that created a technologically and visually unique space able to transform a humdrum projection into a multimedia experience."

Cubex Centre Prague is a new multipurpose hub in Trimaran, one of the latest developments in Prague's Pankrác district. Standing on Na Strži Street between the high-rise City Empiria and Panorama Hotel, this site boasts ideal transport links (2 metro stops away from the historical city centre) and fully developed local infrastructure offering plenty of eateries, accommodation and parking facilities. The centre has been fully equipped with the very latest technology by Panasonic.

Cubex Centre Prague was named the top new venue in the 9th Global Eventex Awards. One of the most well-known international competitions in the events world, these awards were founded in 2009 to celebrate creativity, innovation and high quality in the industry.

In front of the entrance to Cubex Centre Prague, there is an information panel with a built-in TH-47LFX60W LED display offering visitors easy-to-read information – even in poor visibility situations such as blazing sunlight or heavy rain – thanks to its high 2000 cd/m2 brightness and wide-viewing-angle IPS panel. Resistant to extreme outdoor temperatures, the display can be operated year-round in temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +50 °C.

In the main reception, visitors will be riveted by the video wall featuring eight 55” TH-55LFV70W displays (2x4), chosen for the entrance area because of their new anti-glare treatment panelling, which not only reduces glare, but also facilitates smooth projection and increases visitors' comfort as they watch the video wall.

The first floor is dominated by a 102 m2 4K Plus Media Wall, a projection space featuring five PT-RZ970 portrait-mode laser projectors that deliver a combined light output of 50,000 lumens. Four more of these projectors are used in the main multipurpose hall, which has a capacity of up to 1,000 people. This space is made all the more unique by its extraordinary ceiling incorporating 325m of LED lighting gantries.

The ambience of events is enhanced by one-of-a-kind services such as the “CHAMELEON CONCEPT”, which customises the colours used in the halls and foyers to suit the client's needs. For easier visitor orientation, 32” EF displays and 48” LFE displays are mounted in the Cubex foyers.

With its state-of-the-art projection technology and interior modularity, Cubex Centre Prague is ideal for corporate presentations, congresses, conferences, training sessions, music and film events, balls and banquets. Clients can take their pick of up to 8 halls and lounges and make use of 4 foyers and 2 bars. One of the centre's specialities is the option of exhibiting cars in the main hall and foyer. In the middle of the main hall, the 70 ceiling suspension points, each with an extremely high load-bearing capacity, can even suspend vehicles, other heavy equipment and advertising apparatus that the client wishes to install here.

The premises have been inspired by Czech Cubist architecture, as reflected not only in the interiors per se, but also in the accessories, equipment and furnishings, which have won a prestigious Red Dot Award.

Main hall
Media Wall
Outdoor display

Cubex Centre Prague facts and figures:

  • 3,700 m2 of conference and exhibition space
  • Meeting room modularity
  • Cubex Centre Prague has a capacity of 1,200 persons
  • By linking up with the City Conference Centre, capacity can be expanded to 1,700
  • Unique Media Wall with 102m2 projection screen
  • Main hall with a capacity of 1,000 persons
  • Opened in June 2018

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