Game of Thrones Studio Tour Case Study

Panasonic Projectors Power the World’s only Official Game of Thrones Studio Tour

Panasonic projectors bring this global hit TV series to life with an immersive tour behind the scenes of The Seven Kingdoms and beyond

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Client: Linen Mill Studios

Location: Banbridge, Northern Ireland


Following the final series of Game of Thrones, Linen Mill Studios was keen to recreate an immersive, highly visual experience that would attract the series’ legions of fans to interact with the tour and relive their favourite Game of Thrones episodes.  Sets needed not only to be authentic, but the quality of immersive visuals was essential to the success of the tour.


Multiple installations of state-of-the-art Panasonic laser projectors that delivered a true to life immersive experience and were able to flex to fit with the environment, alongside interactive Displays.

Recreating the drama

Game of Thrones is a highly successful American fantasy drama series based on George RR Martin’s best-selling novels, which after nearly a decade on television came to an end after its eighth season. 

With legions of fans mourning its departure, the Game of Thrones studio tour attraction opened in February 2022. Located at the authentic filming location of Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, the immersive studio tour invites visitors behind the scenes of The Seven Kingdoms and beyond.

Visitors can experience and explore how one of the world’s greatest ever TV series was created and brought to life on screen. The world's only official Game of Thrones studio tour has authentic sets from the series, encouraging visitors to immerse themselves in the expansive collection of costumes, props, sets and weapons, seeing first-hand how this became one of the most popular fiction television series to air. 

"Thanks to Panasonic you can experience the best that Game of Thrones can be"

Maintenance-free fixed installations

The fantasy show ran for eight series on HBO in the US and Sky in the UK and the tour adeptly brings scenes from the drama to life utilising 15 Panasonic 1-Chip DLP laser projectors and 45 4K Panasonic Displays, ranging from 55-98 inch screen sizes. Today Panasonic offers the widest line-up of 4K projectors between 3,000 and 50,000 lumens and its 1-Chip DLP projectors are ideal for continuous maintenance-free fixed installations in museums and attractions like the studio tour.

"This the only Game of Thrones studio tour in the world and it is a mecca for Game of Thrones fans. After our grand opening, we have had several of the wider Warner family and executive leadership team through the tour and they have been incredibly impressed with what they have seen, given the importance of the brand. We are delighted that it is being properly represented and what we have here for visitors to experience is truly world class."

Sustainable operation

It was also important to David and his team that the Panasonic projectors were as sustainable as possible. The projectors’ standby operation mode and the ability to closely control the projectors through the tour’s show control system enable the devices only to be used when required – saving energy. In addition, the laser projectors have a maintenance-free life of 20,000 hours plus and do not require the regular swapping out of incandescent bulbs.

Colour quality of the lighting and displays was paramount to success

From an engineering standpoint, the colour lighting of the sets dramatically changes their appearance, and it was equally important that the colour quality of the projectors and the displays was of the same high standards.

Panasonic’s best in class projection colour reproduction ensures the immersive experience stands out from the crowd and its 4K solutions show the finest levels of detail, without any visible pixels, for the most realistic and natural experience. The range of flexible installation options, such as Ultra Short Throw lenses, ensures the hardware stays invisible and the immersive illusion is never broken. Visitors can stand up close to the content without ever casting a shadow.

Another important benefit of using Panasonic projectors was the ability for the immersive images to be photographed clearly by visitors for use on their social media. David Browne explained, “Today, we are dominated by social media, and we invite our visitors to take as many pictures as possible. A lot of couples like to get a selfie together in the Game of Thrones room, for example.

Meeting the tour’s objectives

As well as the main Panasonic projectors, there are other Panasonic technologies within the space ranging from smaller projectors through to professional displays.  Some of these are blended into the set designs to hide the magic, while others are interactive displays.

David goes on to say that the ability to work with Panasonic has been fundamental in delivering what the tour set out to achieve. “Thanks to Panasonic, it is now possible to see the best that Game of Thrones can be in Northern Ireland.”

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