Panasonic Business projectors help to illuminate the Eiffel Tower

In September 2018, the Eiffel Tower took on Japanese colours to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Franco-Japanese friendship "Japonismes 2018". Panasonic provided its high brightness projectors to allow Motoko Ishii and Akari-Lisa Ishii to create a unique light show on the Eiffel Tower.

Client: Executive committee for Special Light-up of the Eiffel Tower, Japonismes 2018, Planners and Producer: Motoko Ishii & Akari-Lisa Ishii, Lighting Design & production: Motoko Ishii & Motoko Ishii Lighting Design - Akari-Lisa Ishii & I.C.O.N.

Location: Paris, France

Product(s) supplied: PT-RZ21K


The main challenge was to find technical equipment which could translate the iconic Japanese works onto such an individual structure as the Eiffel Tower.


18 PT-RZ21K 20000 lumen laser projectors were used. Compact, easy to use video-projectors, simple to install, were needed for this project to succeed.

"We are very pleased with the results. We have been working as loyal partners with Panasonic for over 10 years. The video-projectors selected have a particular feature which suits the artistic choices we have made and provide very precise colour effects."

Japonismes 2018: Panasonic Business projectors help to illuminate the Eiffel Tower

What does this light show represent?

It is a unique event, a light show displayed on the Eiffel Tower, using an original artistic creation. This wasconceived to mark 160 years of friendship between France and Japan as part of the Japonismes 2018 celebrations.

Creation and production of the“Eiffel Tower dressed in Japanese Lights”are the signature work of Motoko Ishii and Akari-Lisa Ishii, two world-famous lighting designers.

The first part of the programme is based on the theme of“liberty, beauty, diversity”, the second on the masterpiece by Korin Ogata “The Iris Screen”, a true Japanese national treasure.To create these two parts, the designers combinedsets of lights, sounds andvideo-projection.

Motoko Ishii and Akari-Lisa Ishii have formed a strong partnership with Panasonic, which has supported them for over 10 years. So they naturally turned to the company forthe video-projection part of the project.

Incredible colours and powerful lighting.

18 PT-RZ21K projectors were used to illuminate the Eiffel Tower. This model reproduces dazzling colours with a high brightness of 20,000 lumens. It is very compact, combining 3-DLP™ technology with SOLID SHINE laser phosphor technology to produce exceptional image quality. Weighing barely 49kg, it is also very light and easy to handle. The Panasonic laser technology, along with the 3-DLP module, produce high brightness, extremely accurate colours and sharp contrast in large spaces. These properties are ideal for this type of projection.

The PT-RZ21K is also compatible with the latest colorimetric space standards to ensure faithful image reproduction. This was a major advantage for the final part of the show, with yellow and blue reproductions of the work of Korin Ogata.

“Our aim was to create an emotional response, as well as to give a powerful message to Parisians and tourists from all over the world. That's why we chose the theme of ‘liberty, beauty and diversity', universal concepts”explains Akari-Lisa Ishii

Photo taken during the light projection
Panasonic PT-RZ21K projectors
Motoko Ishii and Akari-Lisa Ishii

Alongside Panasonic, Magnum was also a partner company for the installation.It was responsible for the technical integration of the project.

“This project consisted of installing video-projectors and lighting to create a work designed by Motoko Ishii andAkari-Lisa Ishii, projecting images and symbols representative of Japanese culture. The Panasonic video-projectors we used allowed us to achieve powerful effects that were especially suitable for this project. The compact nature of these products also meant a significant space saving, especially valuable for an event of this type open to the general public.

We were very pleased with the result and the uniformity created between video-projection and lighting” explains José Jorge, Technical Director at Magnum.

“Panasonic's PT-RZ21K video-projectors are entirely suitable since they provide all the features neededfor this type of event. They require little maintenance and are therefore perfect for continuous use. We were able to install them very easily thanks to their compact size, and they were simple to set up and integrate,”comments Florent Dohy, Technical manager for Panasonic Business.

“Our light show, created on France's most iconic monument, was the culmination of Japonismes 2018,” adds Akari-Lisa Ishii.


To learnmore about PT-RZ21K, visit this page.

Images of the public on the Place du Trocadéro, Paris

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