Video mapping in a heritage building

The trick in Prague's restaurant and bar business is to come up with something that the city has never seen before, an idea that will simply wow people. This is what has been achieved thanks to Panasonic projection at the Crazy Daisy cocktail bar.

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Client: Crazy Daisy - Unique bar & mixology

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


How to create an entertaining video mapping experience in a heritage indoor space.


Eight Space Player™ laser projectors provide quality video mapping in a compact modern spotlight design.

"Thanks to laser projectors, TCO has been greatly reduced and is practically no different from the purchase price. The projectors do not have filters or replaceable light sources. With a 20,000-hour service life, they can be expected to operate for five years at no additional cost."

Zdenek Krysl Project Sales Manager

There are a host of rooms hidden within the buildings of Prague's historic centre, a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site, that have been used for the same purpose ever since the early 20th century. The city is famous for having a large number of places where visitors can relax and enjoy some entertainment.

It is the home of many stylish venues, places that astonish guests with both their culinary specialities, delightful beverages and beautiful interiors.

Crazy Daisy has brought new life to the basement area of the Astra Palace on Wenceslas Square. The centre of attention is a stylish bar, surrounded by box seats with a direct view of the bar and the stage bartending show.

Crazy Daisy's claim to fame, among other things, is its employees' ability to prepare almost any drink known to man. Permanent static effects add to the atmosphere, complemented by projected video animations like a tram running through the centre of Prague or the feeling of flight through outer space.

A total of five effects have been created for Crazy Daisy. The animations can be personalised for different events such as birthday parties and corporate meetings. One special challenge posed by the project is its location. The palace is a national heritage building that still has a number of its original decorations. As a result, no changes can be made to its appearance. The projectors used in the animation had to be installed so they would unobtrusively blend into the room design.

To meet these heritage related restrictions, a special suspension solution had to be developed, among other things. Weight, noise and aesthetics of the projectors were important factors so that they blended into the stylish look of the pub.

Capable of operating 24/7, the equipment also had to make as little noise as possible, to prevent guests sitting directly beneath it from being disturbed.

Nausus, a provider of 3D mapping projection solutions, was chosen to do the work due to their expertise in laser projection.

Two criteria were applied to select the projectors: They had to be relatively small, and they had to offer design and functionality like traditional lighting so that guests would not even notice them. Nausus selected the Panasonic PT-JW130 Space Player, specifying eight in total.

The small size and low weight of the PT-JW130 makes mounting much less complicated. Operating with ordinary electrical wiring, the same as that seen in homes or commercial buildings, the eight Panasonic PT-JW130 laser projectors were used to cover the entire mapping surface of the bar. Using laser technology minimises servicing. Unlike conventional lamp projectors, the PT-JW130 does not require filter or lamp changes and is designed for 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation.

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