Laser Marking Machine


The LPS-C is a high precision marking system, including recognition of the PCB mark and automatic correction of the X-Y coordinates before marking.

Panasonic's  LPS-C significantly improves the quality and process of marking. To avoid peeling off barcode-stickers or the smearing of printed marks, laser marking directly on the surface is a reliable alternative.

High-precision marking with a minimum cell size of 0.1 mm × 0.1 mm. In addition, the system can mark at high speed of 0.3 s/mark. As well as characters and numbers, the LPC-S is able to mark barcodes and 2D-codes.

The LPS-C has an automatic serialisation function which avoids wrong or duplicate serial numbers. This machine is an in-line solution and can be placed in any SMT production line and be fully integrated with PanaCIM.

Key features

The automated laser marking reduces material cost because no inks and labels are needed.
The LPS-C can be integrated in any production line for a fully automated, cycle time optimized production process.
An offline editor allows the editing of marking coordinates and conditions.
Marking data and verification information can be stored and exported via LAN and SD Card.