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The P2 HD Series helps reduce the time and cost of producing TV programs. Because P2 HD stores recordings in a file format, it does not require digitizing as a VTR does. Video files can be uploaded to a Non-linear editor by simple drag 'n drop. Source data can be easily managed with IT equipment by using the metadata attached to each file as a tag. The AJ-HPX3700 / HPX3000 / HPX2700 also supports full-HD (1920 x 1080) 10 bit / 4:2:2 recording based on the AVC-Intra codec, enabling high-quality HD recording with a camera-recorder.

In addition, it optionally supports proxy A/V data (MP4). This means that preliminary editing can start immediately by using the proxy data that is recorded together with the actual data. There is no need for off-line tape editing. Simply upload the project data created by the preliminary editing process and the actual data (AVC-Intra / DVCPRO HD) to the main editing system and replace the edited results with the actual data. * By eliminating the time otherwise required for processing, it lets you spend more time on improving content quality and applying creativity.