Custom BIOS

TOUGHBOOK device offers flexibility, for a tailored solution that’s built for your business needs.

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Multi-layered services to integrate hardware and software perfectly

No two businesses are the same. Your operations, your customers and your service influence what you need from your technology. That’s why every TOUGHBOOK device offers flexibility, for a tailored solution that’s built for your business needs.

Take this flexibility to the core, with our Custom BIOS Creation Service.

From pre-configuration of standard ex-factory BIOS settings, to a complete custom BIOS service with individually-specified settings and your company logo on the start-up screen. We carry out testing and quality assurance at all levels, so you receive a complete solution with integrity built in.

Icon improved efficiency 2022
Improved efficiency saving time for your IT department  
Icon tested and quality 2022
Tested and quality assured at every stage
Icon seamless integration 2022
Seamless integration with OS and internal applications
Icon built in corporate 2022
Built-in corporate branding for maximum brand awareness and theft deterrence
Icon standardised bios 2022
Standardised BIOS settings for easier support

Personalise your TOUGHBOOK experience like never before, with as much – or as little – firmware customisation as you need.

Get ready to launch

You can choose the individual configuration that works for your business.

Our Custom BIOS service includes a fully pre-configured BIOS service for one TOUGHBOOK revision. Designed for administrators looking to save money on setup processes, or who want more control over device limitations, let us create your custom BIOS to ensure a consistent experience fleet-wide. So you’ll save time for everyone, with deployment available ex-factory or out in the field.

  • Bespoke BIOS for consistency across your business devices
  • Pre-configured BIOS settings, saving time for your IT teams
  • Reduced setup time, so employees get their device quicker while IT can focus on business-critical tasks

Optimise your TOUGHBOOK experience

Solution Engineering

Our team of expert engineers can design and deliver whatever solutions your workforce may need, from innovative docking solutions to third party product integrations. And with everything handled in-house, your solution will be quality assured to our high TOUGHBOOK standards.

Solution Customisation

Equip your workforce with the ultimate tough tool complete with custom branding, installations, applications, security settings and data, all managed by your dedicated project manager so your devices are ready to go straight out of the box.

Premium Support

Our experts handle all customisations in house and advise you every step of the way. From packing and tracking to technical support, our portfolio of world-class services transforms your efficiency from day one.

TOUGHBOOK as a Service

Cutting-edge technology just got more affordable. TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service is an OPEX subscription solution, based on fixed monthly, direct debit payments over 3, 4 or 5 year terms.