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The TOUGHBOOK range consists of laptop, 2-in-1 and tablet devices as well as accessories for harsh environments.

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A world of rugged solutions

Welcome to the TOUGHBOOK world, where excellence in rugged computing meets unparalleled reliability. As the frontrunners in the rugged computing market, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to understand their unique needs. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that TOUGHBOOK remains the top choice for those who demand the best in rugged technology. Join us on this journey to explore the possibilities of durable, dependable computing solutions.


Born Rugged

For more than a quarter of a century, we’ve been developing notebooks, tablets and handhelds that are rugged from the inside out. Based on a deep understanding of what first responders need, and Panasonic’s electronic engineering experience, every TOUGHBOOK has our trademark rugged technology at the heart of its DNA.

Toughest Testing

It’s no accident that TOUGHBOOK has the lowest failure rates in the market. We’ve never underestimated the extreme demands of mobile working. Tested to military standards (MIL-STD) and industry guidelines, our technology is resistant to drops and shock, water, vibration, extreme temperatures, electromagnetic interference and much more.

Customer voice guides the way

TOUGHBOOK has a unique relationship with its customers. Their voice has a direct influence on the design decisions we make, helping us evolve the innovative rugged technology that is our hallmark. By listening to them, we’ve equipped our rugged notebooks and tablets with durable, portable, mobile technology that overcomes the challenges field workers encounter in their professional lives.


From the warehouse to the warzone, field work to emergency services, TOUGHBOOK is engineered for every industry. 

With custom engineering, amazing add-ons and modular designs available, our rugged devices offer solutions for every industry, environment and role – whether you’re a forklift operator or a firefighter. 


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Longevity is an area where Panasonic really shines. Our products are built to be in service for five years or more. That’s why we support our out-of-warranty products with guaranteed availability of spare parts and service for five years from end of life, which is not an unusual lifespan for a TOUGHBOOK product. We manufacture many of the components that go into our products, as well as the products themselves, so we can meet our parts-availability guarantee.


Yes, we can provide devices with Windows 10 downgrade, but only for a limited time. 

Yes, we offer integrated web camera options in all our devices and a rear camera option for our 2-1 devices. We also offer a Thermal camera upgrade module on the FZ-G2. 

Yes, no field user is the same and the modular design of the TOUGHBOOK device means that you can spec the device as your user needs. We have multiple upgrade options across all platforms. 

TOUGHBOOK’s are designed to withstand exposure to Water, Dust and shocks. The G2 and 33 are officially IP65, the FZ-40 is officially IP66-rated and the FZ-55 is officially IP53-rated. 

It depends on the model.


TOUGHBOOK G2 approx. 1,19 kg

TOUGHBOOK 33 approx. 2,81 kg (with standard battery)

TOUGHBOOK 40 approx. 3,35 kg

TOUGHBOOK 55 approx. 2,22 kg

Having your mobile computing device fail during an emergency, or even in daily use, is not an option, which is why Panasonic engineers its products to withstand whatever you might throw at them. TOUGHBOOK have a reputation for consistently delivering the lowest failure rates in the industry and this proven reliability begins in the factory. Panasonic is the only major computer manufacturer that engineers, builds and tests its own products. By producing most of the components in-house, Panasonic is able to assure quality, consistency and parts availability throughout the manufacturing process and during the maintenance period that follows. Lower failure rates translate to boosts in user productivity, fewer repair expenses and a lower total cost of ownership. 


We look forward to assisting you with all matters relating to Panasonic TOUGHBOOK. Starting with questions to our sales team over technical support up to the subscription to our TOUGHTALK newsletter to stay ahead of all the latest news and industry insights. We have the answer to any of your questions. Just contact us now by clicking on the relevant button on the right.