Wireless security: Keeping your organisations’ data safe with PressIT

The most intimate data about our lives, habits and personas is all recorded digitally – which if exploited, could have disastrous consequences.

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Daniela Karakaci

Wireless security: Keeping your organisations’ data safe with PressIT

If your house was on fire, which three items would you save?

You’ve probably thought about the answer to this (hopefully only ever hypothetical) question. You might choose to save your most sentimental pieces – a childhood teddy, or photographs of loved ones. Or perhaps you have something rare and valuable you’d rescue, like a piece of artwork or an irreplaceable piece of sports memorabilia from your favourite team.

What you won’t likely consider, is perhaps considered your most valuable asset of all: your personal data.

Of course, your data doesn’t need saving in a fire – it’s all captured online and across our numerous personal devices.

From our search history to the number of steps we take per day; from our most frequently attended locations, to our health data, favourite music and even the brand of toothpaste we buy. The most intimate data about our lives, habits and personas is all recorded digitally – which if exploited, could have disastrous consequences.

And when it comes to the world of work, data security becomes even more critical.

The challenge? Workers are increasingly flexible – with up to three quarters of office workers now thought to be working from both their offices and from home in any given week. But hybrid working shouldn’t mean we need to give up seamless collaboration – in fact, a high-quality experience is needed more than ever to keep teams working efficiently.

Employees also want to use their own devices. In fact, the bring your own device (BYOD) trend is on the rise, with the first generation of digital natives now taking up their own places in offices across the world, and increasingly wanting to bring their own equipment with them.

Given these new working habits, it’s critical that organisations understand how to keep their wireless devices safe, and their data – and that of their employees and customers – secure.

So how do we continue to prioritise security as we continue into a future in which flexible, wireless-enabled working becomes the norm?

PressIT: Your secure wireless presentation solution

One answer lies with PressIT: your one-click wireless presentation tool from Panasonic.

PressIT is designed to deliver stress-free presentations in today’s fast-paced working world. Featuring an innovative ‘plug-and-play’ design, complemented with HD image quality and impressive collaborative working capabilities, it truly gives you the flexibility to simply turn up and present exactly when you need to.

But best of all, PressIT is completely secure thanks to its innovative, robust technology.

Here’s why more businesses than ever trust PressIT to provide a safe and secure wireless presentation solution.

1. No software to download or update.

Not only does this significantly speed up the ability to get your next presentation started, it means there are fewer opportunities for users to be subject to malware attacks.

In fact, because PressIT uses ‘screen mirroring’ technology – to either duplicate, expand, or extend what’s on the presenters’ device – it’s completely safe and secure to use, without any need for installing software or running programs that slow down your machine.

2. Encrypted technology keeps participants’ data secure.

When you plug in your PressIT device for the first time, it downloads the necessary firmware over an encrypted network directly from Panasonic’s servers. Any content you present via the device is also securely encrypted, and its real-time operation mode means nothing is stored in the device’s memory once your session is finished.

Plus, because the PressIT is built with WPA2 AES128-bit encryption, it keeps your participants’ data completely secure, too, removing any chance of data leakage.

3. Built with minimal connection points.

The PressIT is made up of just two compact devices: a transmitter, which plugs into your device – laptop, tablet or mobile phone – and the receiver or SDM board, which connects to your presenting device. With no excess wires, cabling or complicated dongles, it makes connecting and presenting a breeze.

And there’s another benefit to PressIT’s compact, minimal input design: The transmitter’s USB port is designed solely for power supply and mouse or touch-sensor control and is not compatible with USB mass-storage devices. So there’s no risk of foreign devices connecting to your network.

It’s just one more way PressIT guarantees peace of mind with the ultimate data security.

4. Unique passwords for every device.

It won’t be news to you that IoT attacks are on the rise. And one of the risk-factors for cyber-attacks is users not changing the default generic passwords on devices such as Wi-Fi routers.

At Panasonic, we set a unique complex password for each PressIT device before it’s shipped, limiting the risks of password hacking. And if you’d prefer, your business’ authorised IT administrators can easily change this unique password during setup, or as part of your business’ annual security audit.

5. It’s a self-contained device.

Your PressIT includes a self-contained wireless network, emitted by the device’s receiver. Its transmitters connect to and transmit AV signals via this secure wireless network, eliminating any need the PressIT device to your organisation’s own Wi-Fi network.

Should your IT department need to connect to and configure the device for any reason – for example, during setup, a technology audit or to perform a password change – we supply your PressIT with an RJ-45 LAN terminal upon sale, so your administrators can manage it remotely.

Make security concerns a thing of the past

PressIT is your simple, secure wireless presentation tool, ready to work with just a single click.

Now, you can share your business-critical presentations across one high-capacity, high-speed network, and connect with up to 32 different devices for an unparalleled collaborative working experience – all without compromising on security.

Enquire about the product and see how PressIT is changing the game.

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