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The latest Panasonic TOUGHBOOK G2 and 33 set a new standard for rugged tablets “Alder Lake” processing power, security, and modularity.

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Wiesbaden, DE. 5th March 2024 – Panasonic Connect today announced the latest iterations of its TOUGHBOOK G2 and 33 detachable rugged tablets. The 10.1-inch G2mk2 and 12-inch 33mk3 deliver market-leading ruggedness, battery life, customisation, connectivity and performance that provide the modern mobile worker with a balanced solution, regardless of the task, application or environment.

Unrivalled performance for any application

Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK G2mk2 and 33mk3 devices feature market-leading performance, enhanced connectivity and increased modularity to adapt to different mobile worker requirements.

The G2mk2 and 33mk3 both utilise the 12th generation Intel® Core™ (Alder Lake) i5 processor range, with Intel vPro® Technology, helping to run the most demanding applications on Windows 11 Pro. For those requiring unmatched performance for the most demanding applications, the optional new Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Intel vPro® Technology delivers an additional boost in computing power.

Both new devices feature Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics technology, enabling superior graphics performance. This is of particular significance in the emergency services sector, where the TOUGHBOOK 33 is used as a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for fire services, such as Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, enables its Officers to access detailed mapping and point of interest data in the vehicle, where precise and real-time updates are key. When detached from the vehicle’s dock, data such as hydrant location, building plans, risk cards, operating guidance, home fire safety checks, and detailed vehicle information – all of which are dependent on superior computing performance – can be accessed simultaneously when at an incident.

Increased modularity for flexibility and security

The latest TOUGHBOOK G2 is the most customisable rugged tablet available, with Panasonic taking the modular design to new levels, alongside increased security in mind for any application. The device’s rear expansion area can now be fitted with a fingerprint reader, ideal for users such as in defence that need to authenticate secure access to sensitive or mission critical data.

Furthermore, the G2mk2 Top Expansion Area – already customisable with five peripherals – is now compatible with a MicroSD Memory Card Slot. This enables personnel to quickly access and transfer important data between devices when in the field.


5G-ready connectivity

Panasonic has seen an increased demand for devices that can connect to 5G (SA) standalone networks, with the G2mk2 ready to connect to 5G private networks straight out of the box. This enables sectors such as transport and logistics, manufacturing, and the emergency services, to take advantage of a dedicated, fully customised private 5G network, delivering ultra-low latency, faster response times, and enhanced data transfer and communication for mobile workers. 

Both the G2mk2 and 33mk3 utilise the powerful, best-in-class Thunderbolt™ connectivity standard, enabling high-bandwidth data, power, and video transfers. The devices also include the latest Wi-Fi (Intel® Wireless 6E AX211) that selects the optimum bandwidth to save battery power.

Market-leading ruggedness for varied mobile worker personas

The military-grade ruggedness and IP65**-rated water and dust capabilities of the G2mk2 and 33mk3 allow users to continue working in any environment, without any fear of drops, knocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures affecting productivity. 

This is ideal for those working in the transport and logistics sector, where the multi-purpose design of the 33mk3 enables it to be mounted in forklifts when required, and simply detached from the dock when required for additional applications around the warehouse. This provides increased flexibility and efficiency over fixed in-vehicle devices.


Increased transparency and usability on battery life

The battery life of the TOUGHBOOK G2mk2 and 33mk3 remains the same, but the means of measuring performance and battery life has evolved, and now matches the typical usage profile of today’s modern worker, especially for those using power-hungry applications.

"Both the TOUGHBOOK G2mk2 and 33mk3 provide a fantastic balance of market-leading performance, cost-efficiency, and battery life for today’s mobile worker, who are increasingly utilising a range of demanding applications in the field. These latest iterations demonstrate Panasonic’s intimate knowledge of its customers’ requirements, regardless of industry, and what they need to consistently perform at their best in the field. "

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