New Look Website Addresses Business Challenges of Today

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Panasonic Connect Europe’s fresh new website is designed to help organisations navigate the business challenges they face with access to information about high quality hardware and software, backed by specialist services and support. The modern looking and easy to navigate website takes a solutions focused approach addressing how sectors such as Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Retail, Media and Entertainment, Public Sector and Education can use the latest technologies to stay ahead.


Alongside sector focused pages, there is comprehensive information on all Panasonic Connect Europe’s solutions, covering Visual projectors, displays and collaboration technologies, ProAV Broadcast, TOUGHBOOK rugged mobile computing, Smart Factory and Integrated Business Solutions. Additional valuable information includes transformational customer success stories, access to the latest news, specialist events and blogs and easy to use Where to Buy reseller and partner finder sections. 


Drawing on Panasonic Connect’s mission to Change Work, Advance Society and Connect to Tomorrow, the website uses the latest Content Management System to deliver the most complete and current range of thought leadership, product, marketing and reference information. It is SEO optimised to make information fast and easy to find at the click of a button.

“Just over a year ago, Panasonic Connect Europe was launched to help organisation address the unique business challenges they are facing today, alongside the new ways of working,” 


said Jörg Hufschmid, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Panasonic Connect Europe . 


“The new website shows clearly how our organisation can use the latest technologies to innovate; from helping Manufacturers move to automation with Industry 4.0, to assisting Retailers to improve their customer experience and optimise their supply chain, right through to helping the entertainment and education sectors embrace new technology to cut costs and improve service delivery – to name just a few.”