Panasonic Demos New Ai-powered Service To Personalise In-store Retail

Panasonic partners with leading retail data analyst ADEAL Systems using generative AI assistants for digital signage in its innovative Customer Experience Centre (CXC)

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Munich, Germany. 21st November 2023 – Panasonic Connect Europe today launched a new AI-powered solution set to revolutionise retail by personalising advertising with generative AI assistants for customers as they shop. Stores can now automatically monitor the demographics of shoppers, combine this information with buying preferences and additional information such as weather or local events and instantly personalise advertising on displays in the store. Panasonic has partnered with leading data and AI specialists ADEAL Systems to combine its AI-powered personal shopping assistant CUSAAS (CUstomer Segmentation As-A-Service) with its state-of-the-art retail technology camera and display solutions to bring a next level shopping experience.

Showcasing at Panasonic’s innovative Customer Experience Centre (CXC) on the Panasonic Campus in Munich, the new solution is a smart recommender enabling bricks and mortar retailers to bring the online experience in-store or to create an omnichannel strategy by using real-time data to intelligently recommend and personalise communications with customers.

"It’s an ingenious solution that matches the demographic information – never personal data – with buying preferences and other local information to create a new shopping experience. It’s all possible today because of AI. AI in the cameras to identify profiles, AI in the backend system to suggest products and generative AI assistants to instantly deliver personalised advertising. Of course, we always recommend a human check for quality control on the communications before publishing but it is fundamentally an AI automated system that could use generative AI assistants, depending on the choice of the retailer."


The solution operates using cameras to identify the demographics of those instore. Analysis is provided to the CUSAAS system and combined with additional external information to generate product suggestions. Generative AI-based assistants are then used to design advertisements in real time, which are delivered via the signage application from FRAMR before being displayed on Panasonic’s 4K displays.

"Panasonic not only has a wide range of innovative retail technology solutions, but it is also a strong consulting partner with a considerable depth of experience. This, combined with the AI powers of CUSAAS, delivers a true end-to-end solution for retailers. While there has been a lot of hype around AI, through this partnership, we are providing a genuine application that delivers controlled integration of AI into retail marketing, customer experience, and operational processes."

Dr Vladimir Rubin

"Bricks and mortar retailers are turning to technology to help them enhance the customer experience, tempt shoppers back to the store, and remain competitive with online retailers. While our own solutions enable more control of pricing and stock levels as well as enhanced security and in-store engagement, combined with CUSAAS, we can now intelligently recommend products to customers and so much more. I’d like to invite retailers to see it in action in our CXC which really brings the capabilities to life in a highly visual, hands-on way."


For more information on Panasonic Connect Europe’s wide range of retail technology solutions or CUSAAS, or if you are interested in visiting the Customer Experience Centre please visit:

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