The DLP PT-LRZ35 Series of projectors with revolutionary RGB LED light engine create vibrant colour images for teams in learning, meeting and collaborative environments.

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Bracknell, UK 22nd June 2020 – Panasonic has announced its 1-Chip DLP® PT-LRZ35 Series of projectors will be available across Europe from July. The projectors, with the revolutionary individual R/G/B LED light engine, create vibrant colour images for teams in learning, meeting and collaborative environments. The projectors are well suited for use in lecture theatres, small classrooms and for business presentations. 

The PT-LRZ35 Series features 3,500 lumens and is available with WUXGA[1] and WXGA[2] resolutions. The RGB LED light engine employs discrete LEDs for each colour channel to prevent visible breakup and widen the range of colours for an enhanced viewing experience. High-visibility images are also free from the rainbow effect because of the wheel-less design.

As well as stunning visuals, the projectors are designed for fast and intuitive use. Quick on and quick off functionality means that images can be displayed in less than 1 second and when sessions end there is no need for projector cooldown. One-touch projector start-up and playback from standby via a single multi-purpose remote control is available via the HDMI-CEC terminals. Teams can beam content wirelessly from their mobile devices[3] by connecting a media streaming device to the USB DC outlet.

High performance, low maintenance

The PT-LRZ35 series has been designed for reliability and longevity – reducing the demand on IT and administrators and maximising availability for users. The wheel-less design with discrete LED heat-sinks boost cooling efficiency. Improvements to the hermetic DMD-block sealing structure protects against dust and eliminates the need for an air filter, reducing maintenance and preserving image quality for over 20,000 hours[4] of stress-free operation.

Swift set-up and easy adjustment

Users will have more freedom and less image distortion with desktop projection thanks to the 1.3x zoom lens with throw ratio of 1.28–1.69:1[5], vertical lens-shift function (+50%, +40%, manual), and vertical keystone correction (±30°). The projectors can also be used on 2-axis (front and side) to enable 360° installation and creative projection and signage possibilities.

Weighing in at 6.7kg and compact (375 x 124*3 x 314 mm)[6], the projectors are unobtrusive and ideal for a busy and fast changing business or learning environment.

“As businesses and educational establishments increasingly begin to harness the power of team collaboration for work and learning, they need reliable, cost effective and easy to use projectors to create high quality images on the go,” said Thomas Vertommen, European Product Manager for Panasonic Business. “The PT-LRZ35 Series sets the benchmark in this area as the first of Panasonic’s projectors to feature an RGB LED light source for high quality visual images with compact dimensions to make it easy to transport.”

The PT-LRZ35 series features 2 models PT-LRZ35 (WUXGA) and PT-LRW35 (WXGA) and is available from July. For more information visit:

[1] PT-LRZ35 model

[2] PT-LRW35 model

[3] Requires a compatible network streaming module and control app/web browser for mobile or PC. Panasonic cannot guarantee compatibility with third-party devices.

[4] At about 20,000 hours, Panasonic recommends cleaning or check-up at point of purchase. Light-source lifetime maybe reduced depending on environmental conditions. Replacement of parts other than the light-source may be required in a shorter period. At 20,000 hours, brightness will have decreased to approximately 50% of its original level.

[5] Throw ratio: 1.35–1.77:1 for PT-LRW35 model.

[6] Without lens, not including protruding parts.

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