AV-SF10G - Software Control Panel


The Software Control Panel enables a networked PC*or tablet* connected to the AV-HSW10 main unit to be used for diverse operations and configurations.

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Key features

Easy-to-use Software Control Panel for all AV-HSW10 functions.
GUI screen integrates Panasonic's unique Multiviewer and control panel.
Keyboard, numeric keypad and touch screen for highly efficient operation.
Intuitive Touch Screen and Remote Operation via Wi-Fi.

The AV-HSW10 combines the stability of broadcast and professional hardware switchers with the scalability of a software solution. Free AV-SF10 software control panel enables efficient one-person operation and remote operation.

The new software control panel allows switcher functions to be conveniently controlled from a PC or tablet (Windows 10/11 or MacOS Monterey/ Ventura/Sonoma). Detailed settings and confirmation of input/output sources, conventionally performed with buttons and knobs, can be easily executed with a PC keyboard or touch screen.

Functions exclusive to a software control panel, such as sequencing of shot memory, direct write/replace of still memory are possible for more efficient pre-shoot preparation and on-shoot review. The GUI integrates the control screen, live video monitoring and multiviewer, similar to Panasonic’s popular large switchers, for easy switching between multiple video inputs/outputs. The intuitive GUI can be easily used by a single person, including operators with minimal experience.

Easy Checking of Images by "Moving Color-bar" function - AW-HSW10

The compact live switcher AV-HSW10 enables the 'Moving Color-bar' function, which makes it possible to output colour bars on video. It saves the burden of checking LEDs and displays for dot drops using video changes and checking the video output system when connecting to IP, and contributes to efficient set-up work for stable video distribution and production operations.

Intuitive and easy-to-use Software Control Panel AV-SF10 Basic Functions - AV-HSW10

AV-SF10, a free software control panel for the compact live switcher AV-HSW10. The various functions of the AV-HSW10 can be operated from a PC or tablet*. You can smoothly perform detailed setting operations and check various input/output sources from the PC keyboard or touch screen, whereas on the main unit of the AV-HSW10 you had to use buttons and knobs. 
In addition, it is also equipped with other functions that are only possible with a software control panel, such as shot memory sequencing and direct writing/replacement of still memory. 

*OS: Windows/Mac.