ET-FMP50 Series



Media Processors Simplify Multi-Projection Workflows for Immersive Experiences

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Key features

Flexible Design Streamlines Installation
Simple Yet High-Precision Adjustment
Smooth and Continuous Content Playback
ET-FMP50 Series
TypeBox-typeBox-typeFunction board-type
IP StreamingCompatible with NDI®Compatible with NDI®Compatible with NDI®
Max. Video Output Resolution3840 x 2160/60p x 1 or 1920 X 1080/60p X 423840 x 2160/60p x 1 or 1920 X 1080/60p X 423840 X 2160/60p X 1
CodecsHAP1, H.264, H.265 H.264, H.265H.264, H.265

1 ET-FMP50 only. Available from CY2024 Q4. 
2 When four HDMI™ outputs are used simultaneously.

Flexible Design Streamlines Installation

Simplify projection mapping with the ET-FMP50 Series, featuring manual and automatic camera-based3 warping/blending and media playback functions to streamline installation and operation workflows in a Panasonic projection ecosystem.

Simple Yet High-Precision Adjustment

Highly precise pixel-based adjustment minimally impacts image quality for faithful reproduction of detailed content. Easily add immersive effects with free-shape and line-masking and unlock intuitive auto adjustment, with no license required.

Smooth and Continuous Content Playback

The series offers local storage options up to 4 TB and decodes H.264, H.265, and HAP4 formats at up to 300 Mbps. Simplify AVoIP transmission over long distances with neat and cost-effective cable management.

1 When four HDMI™ outputs are used simultaneously.
2 For the ET-FMP20 (512 GB) and ET-SBFMP10 (512 GB), approximately 30 GB of the total storage space is allocated for system usage and is unavailable to the user.
3 Compatible cameras (sold separately) comprise NIKON® D5200/D5300/D5500/D5600/D7500/Z50.
4 ET-FMP50 only. Available via firmware update from CY2025 Q1.

The FMP50 Series: Simpler, But Better.

Demand for immersive experiences has driven a boom in multi-projection attractions, leading to more complex and labor-intensive workflows. Designed around the concept “simpler, but better,” the ET-FMP50 Series is a media processor featuring camera-based1 warping/blending and 4K media playback2 capability. It eases the burden on your team when installing and adjusting multi-projection attractions, making operations more efficient.

1 Compatible cameras (sold separately) comprise NIKON® D5200/D5300/D5500/D5600/D7500/Z50.
2 Maximum output resolution is 3840 x 2160/60p x 1 (ET-FMP50/FMP20/SBFMP10) or 1920 x 1080/60p x 4 (ET-FMP50/FMP20).
3 The ET-FMP50 Series is compatible with free Multi Monitoring & Control Software (currently supports device on/off status monitoring only).

Flexible Design Streamlines Installation

Reduces Installation and Cabling Complexity

The ET-FMP50/FMP20 is a compact box-type media processor that can be conveniently placed near the projectors with connection via HDMI™.
ET-SBFMP10, meanwhile, is a function board that slots into your Panasonic projector's Intel® SDM standard-compatible SLOT to enable connection via LAN cable only, simplifying the system and reducing the need for server room construction.

Note: Panasonic cannot guarantee compatibility of the ET-SBFMP10 with non-Panasonic projectors. Compatibility with future Panasonic projectors is anticipated.

Save Time, Enhance Quality with Camera-based Adjustment

Working with NIKON® cameras1, the ET-FMP50 Series wins back your time and profitability by automating complex warping/blending processes, freeing your team for other tasks, and reducing the need for skilled labor. You can view the projection area from the camera’s perspective on a PC and click to designate an image display area: content splitting, geometric adjustment, and blending are performed automatically, reducing the time to create a content canvas with multiple projectors. With planned support for dome mapping, 3D object mapping, and auto color-matching, the
ET-FMP50 Series adapts to changing spatial designs, extending attraction novelty.

1 Compatible cameras (sold separately) comprise NIKON® D5200/D5300/D5500/D5600/D7500/Z50.

Convenient and Reliable Support from a Common Manufacturer

It makes sense to use projectors and media processors made by a common manufacturer, and not only because the products are designed to work seamlessly with each other. Using common devices also simplifies troubleshooting. Instead of contacting multiple manufacturers for assistance with individual projectors or media processors, your Panasonic support agent can troubleshoot both device types, saving time and resources.

Simple Yet High-Precision Adjustment

Pixel-based Adjustment for Unrivalled Precision

Unlike similar products offering block or area-based adjustment, the ET-FMP50 Series features pixel-based adjustment, which is more precise and better suited to 4K content. The impact on image quality is minimal, ensuring intricate details are expressed clearly and smoothly.

Adjust at a Click Using Camera View

You can reduce the time and effort normally required for screen adjustment and blending using the camera-based1 adjustment software. The interface shows the projection area from the camera’s viewpoint on your PC screen, allowing you to adjust the shape of your desired display area intuitively. Image splitting, geometric correction, edge-blending, and black-level adjustment are performed automatically.

1 Compatible cameras (sold separately) comprise NIKON® D5200/D5300/D5500/D5600/D7500/Z50.

ET-FMP50 Series - Adjust at a Click Using Camera View

Add Special Effects with Intuitive Masking Tools

Create immersive special effects using built-in line and shape masking tools. The software displays the projection area from the camera’s viewpoint, allowing you to crop out unneeded areas of the image. You can easily adjust an arbitrary mask shape using control points, even in blended areas of the image. This is invaluable if you need to mask out obstructions such as doorways or objects in front of the screen.

Smooth and Continuous Content Playback

Supports High-Quality Video Content

ET-FMP50 Series supports smooth and continuous playback of high-quality video via LAN or internal memory storage. Multiple media processors can be synced to accommodate projection mapping systems of any scale. Media playback capabilities include:

  • H.264, H.265, and HAP1 decoding
  • Supports 3840 x 2160/60p x1 or 1920 x 1080/60p x42 video output
  • Max. input signal resolution: 4096 x 4096/60p (H.265) and 3840 x 2160/60p (H.264)
  • Large internal memory of 4 TB (ET-FMP50) or 512 GB (ET-FMP20/ET-SBFMP10)3
  • Compatible with NDI® AVoIP protocol
  • Supports automated playback to a set schedule

1 ET-FMP50 only. The HAP codec will be supported following an FY2025 Q1 firmware update.

2 ET-FMP50/FMP20 only. When four HDMI™ outputs are used simultaneously.

3 For the ET-FMP20 (512 GB) and ET-SBFMP10 (512 GB), approximately 30 GB of the total storage space is allocated for system usage and is unavailable to the user.

Reduce Your Resource Usage and Carbon Footprint

As part of the Panasonic Group’s mandate to become a carbon-neutral organization by 2050, we are committed to creating ecosystems of energy-efficient products to minimize your carbon footprint. Harmonizing with our eco-friendly laser projectors, ET-FMP50/FMP20 has a maximum power consumption of just 64 W. ET-FMP50 Series can be configured to power on and commence playback to a set schedule, reducing the need for staff to be present on the site and saving resources.

Projectors Compatible with ET-SBFMP10

ET-SBFMP10 is designed to suit any Panasonic projector with an Intel® SDM standard-compatible SLOT. Compatible models comprise the
PT-RQ25K Series, PT-RZ14K, PT-REQ15 Series, PT-REZ15 Series, and PT-RQ7 Series. Compatibility with projectors planned for release in the future is anticipated. For more information, please click here.

Additional Features

  • 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack for audio output
  • Optional rack mount kits for one or two ET-FMP50/FMP20 devices
  • Compatible with free Multi Monitoring & Control Software
    (software functionality with ET-FMP50 Series is currently limited to on/off status monitoring only)

Specifications table

TypeFunction board-type
Dimensions (W x H x D)Approx. 195 mm x 25 mm x 123.2 mm (7 3/4˝ x 63/64˝ x 4 7/8˝ ) (TBD)
WeightApprox. 0.23 kg (0.51 lbs) (TBD)

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