AC servo motors

AC servo motors enable the functionality of positioners to be increased.

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With the help of AC Servo Motors the functionality of positioners can be increased and furthermore additional applications are possible.

A flexible solution from Panasonic! The AC-Servo Motors are free programmable and help improve synchronism with robots, enables smoother movement, and enhances productivity.

  • Used in conjunction with the Robot G3 control system 
  • Motor sizes between 100w and 5,5 KW 
  • Cable lengths up to 30m in length 
  • Harmonizer and synchronous motion with robot possible . 
  • Programmed from GUI Teach pendent 


  • Multiple axis special manipulators 
  • Heavy payload rotational devices 
  • Linear motion units to move either robot or work piece components
  • A Selection of larger payload positioners and linear tracks can be provided in our PerformArc equipment range  

Key features

Specifications table

Rated OutputAPU01246: 100W APU01247: 750W APU01248: 1600W APU01249: 2000W APU01250: 3500W APU01251: 5500W
Rated torqueAPU01246: 0,318Nm APU01247: 2.390Nm APU01248: 5.090Nm APU01249: 9.54Nm APU01250: 16.6Nm APU01251: 26Nm
Inst. TorqueAPU01246: 0.95Nm APU01247: 7.16Nm APU01248: 15.27Nm APU01249: 28.5Nm APU01250: 50Nm APU01251: 52.9Nm
Rated rotationAPU01246: 3000r/min APU01247: 3000r/min APU01248: 3000r/min APU01249: 2000r/min APU01250: 2000r/min APU01251: 2000r/min
RotationAPU01246: 6000r/min APU01247: 5000r/min APU01248: 5000r/min APU01249: 3000r/min APU01250: 3000r/min APU01251: 3000r/min

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