Offline Camera Unit

Next generation of our powerful offline parts teaching station

The latest vision system enables all component data for each machine to be created offline. Reduce the data creation time. Must have for your machine downtime zero strategy. 

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Key features

Manualized Scanning to Reduce Footprint and Improve Work Efficiency
Reduced Data Creation Time
Supports Zero Downtime
Multi-Recognition Camera


  • Improvements in components installation tables and image extraction methods prevent image reacquisition and backtracking
  • Easy accessability for manual scanning
  • Unified UX with machine menu
  • Skillless data creation through AI engine
  • All component data for each machine can be created offline
  • Latest state of the art recognition camera unit of our placement machines
  • Direct numerical adjustment of the focus for high accuracy data creation
  • External reference can be set offline, no need for re-teaching at the machine


Data creation time possible to reduce drastically. Must have for zero machine downtime.

Specifications table

PowerSingle-phase AC100V to AC240V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power ConsumptionUp to 0.16 kVA
Dimensions489 x 498 x 690 mm
Component dimensions0201 - 135 mm, Height 65 mm
Component Data Creation TimeWithin 5 min per component
Recognition Camera UnitMC-S Type 3 with NPM-GH
Target ModelNPM-GH / NPM-X Series / NPM Series / AM100 / NPM-VF
Split RecognitionUp to 3 divisions

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