Lifesize Plans projects the future of home design with Panasonic

Chosen for its easy set-up, maintenance-free operation and ability to seamlessly blend various images into a single immersive projection, Panasonic’s PT-RZ990 1-Chip DLP projectors brought Lifesize Plans’ vision to life.

Integration partner: Think

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Client: Lifesize Plans

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Product(s) supplied: PT-RZ990


When married couple John and Emma were looking to build an extension on their house in Ireland, John – a qualified professional from the built environment – discovered the Australian-based company, Lifesize Plans. With no equivalent in Ireland, they established a franchise of Lifesize Plans in Dublin. 

Lifesize Plans’ vision was to deliver the world’s first patented full-scale projection and augmented reality hybrid technology to revolutionise the design and construction industries. Its innovative approach to projecting floor plans and elevations on a 1:1 scale would give people an opportunity to walk through their new house before it is built, enabling them to be happy with the design before construction starts.

To achieve this, they needed a sophisticated technology partner that would help bring its vision to life with high-quality, immersive projection.


Creating a fully immersive experience that gives people a chance to view their dream house before it is even built, requires reliable technology that delivers a high-quality and vivid projection. As nothing like this had ever been done before, Lifesize Plans needed a market-leading partner in the immersive projection space, turning to Panasonic and Dublin-based AV specialists, Think, to help bring its vision to life.

Based on the size of the showroom being used and the six-metre-high ceiling, Lifesize Plans opted for 11 Panasonic PT-RZ990 1-Chip DLP projectors, offering up to 10,000 lumens of brightness that delivers an immersive experience for visitors to experience their house or build projects to scale. The projectors would be used to display life-size building plans, taken from architects’ drawings.

"We test drive cars before we buy them, and a home is a much bigger investment. By projecting architectural plans on a life-size scale, we can create an immersive experience where people can walk through their homes before they build them. To make this a reality we needed the best visual quality delivered by Panasonic projectors."

Easy Installation and Maintenance-Free Design

The lightweight chassis design of the PT-RZ990 projectors was a key factor in their installation. Given that the projectors are suspended across a six-metre-high ceiling, affixed directly to concrete beams, and difficult to reach, Lifesize Plans required a solution that would require minimum maintenance. 

Panasonic’s PT-RZ990 projectors provide 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, with lasting brightness and colour uniformity. The PT-RZ990 series of projectors feature a hermetically sealed optical engine and heat-pump based filter-less cooling design. This keeps projectors at the optimum temperature, and prevents dust ingress, especially when objects are being positioned on the showroom floor, to accompany the projection. 

Industry leading software brings projections to life

Panasonic’s projectors would be integrating up to 11 images into a single large image at any given time, projecting this across up to 60,000 ft2 of space to provide a realistic experience of plans. This was made easy with Panasonic’s Geometry Manager Pro software, which optimally adjusts multiple projections with edge blending, colour matching and digital image enlargement, allowing for the original image to be seen in 10x digital zoom, and to edge-blend up to 100 images to create a large multi-screen image.

Lifesize Plans can also remotely control each projection thanks to Panasonic’s Smart Projector Control mobile application. Connected to a phone or tablet, Lifesize Plans can deploy automatic lens focus, switch inputs, monitor projection status, and more. With no two houses the same size, this is hugely beneficial to Lifesize Plans; it needs to be able to easily change the projection size and the images blended for each customer.

Collaborating for the future

Emma and John’s vision to bring Lifesize Plans to Ireland could only be made possible with the right partners, such as Panasonic and Think, which had the experience and expertise to project building plans in an immersive manner.

"We are constantly seeking to evolve. We see ourselves as a centre of excellence, not only for innovation but also for collaboration and with Panasonic’s high-quality technology solutions that continue to emerge and evolve, we have been able to make great progress in achieving this."

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