Mvision equips its film studios with Panasonic PTZ cameras

Mvision, a technical audiovisual service provider for the events industry with over 20 years’ experience, is diversifying and now boasts three new film studios, all equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology.

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Client: Mvision

Location: Longjumeau


Enabling the company to film in person and/or digitally with tools that are also suitable for streaming, multiplexing and augmented reality (AR).


Opting for the AW-UE150 4K PTZ camera to facilitate high-precision auto-tracking and FreeD protocol support, enabling usage with most AR/VR graphic engines.

"Thanks to their opacity and excellent colour rendering, Panasonic PTZ cameras really set the benchmark when it comes to webcasts. They also set the standard in terms of tracked cameras, both for events and film studios."

New studios equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology

The current situation has had a huge impact on the events industry as the number of technical services being provided for physical events has sharply fallen over the last few months.These conditions havep rovided digital solutions with the perfect opportunity to reveal their full potential as an alternative option for fulfilling communication needs.

With that in mind and eager to meet the needs of its clients, the technical audiovisual service provider Mvision now boasts three new film studios in Paris, both in the city centre and the suburbs: one in the Palais des Congrès events centre, one in the 16th arrondissement and one in Longjumeau.

The three studios range in size from 150 to 580 sqm and are ideal for filming and for communication broadcasts both physically, i.e. in face-to-face set-ups, and digitally. They are also fully equipped for video recording, sound, lighting, simultaneous interpreting, streaming and multiplexing. By deploying new technologies including augmented reality, automation, robotisation and 5G, the company is able to offer a broad range of technical and creative solutions.

“These days, we are eager to adapt to current market trends and of course meet our clients' needs. Thanks to our studios, we are able to provide a wide array of technical solutions for communications in person and/or digitally. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer flexible and customised solutions”, says Agathe de Montfumat, Communications Manager at Mvision.

Mvision has invested in a total of 15 AW-UE150 4K PTZ cameras since developing its studios. It also has a host of Panasonic solutions including AW-RP150and AW-RP50 remote camera controllers, AV-HS410, AV-HS450 and AV-HS6000 switchers and mixers, and AW-HE130 Full HD PTZ cameras.

“We chose these cameras because they fulfil our current technical requirements. In light of the rise in digital events, and in particular streaming, multiplexing and augmented reality, we need high-quality products designed to handle these new types of technology”, says Agathe de Montfumat.

“Thanks to its auto-tracking function and the FreeD protocol, the UE150 camera can be easily interfaced with various different augmented reality systems”, she adds.

The UE150 is the first PTZ camera on the market to support the FreeD protocol, enabling the camera to be used easily with all major AR/VR providers as a turnkey solution for virtual studios. The UE150, which is compatible with AW-SF100G auto-tracking software, enables the PTZ camera to follow a single presenter on a stage without requiring an operator, and is based on image analysis of the human body and face recognition.

The UE150 enables users to make high-quality 4K 50/60p video with a 75.1-degree viewing angle and 20x optical zoom, and supports various different types of outputs, including 12G-SDI, HDMI, fibre optic and IP. 

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