Panasonic professional technology materializes the important history of Poland in the exceptional space of the Pilsudski Museum

Jozef Pilsuski made a significant contribution to the fact that Poland regained its independence. In the unique museum that was created to honour his memory, we can find an installation that tells his extraordinary life story through projection on four huge projection surfaces in the shape of a square.

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Client: Muzeum Józefa Piłsudskiego w Sulejówku

Location: Aleja Piłsudskiego 29, 05-070 Sulejówek, Poland

Product(s) supplied: PT-RZ970 ET-DLE035


The biggest chhallange of this project was to create very large images from a very short distance.


32 Panasonic laser projectors with a short throw lens were used.

The projection screens for this installation were made of a special semi-transparent material. 

"When choosing a technology partner, we were primarily guided by the supplier's reliability and flexibility. After more than a year of operation, we have not had a single service request. In addition, thanks to the use of laser technology, there is no need to change the lamps either."

Museum concept

The museum dedicated to the former head of state of independent Poland Józef Piłsudski is located in Sulejówko near Warsaw. The concept of the museum complex is based on two pillars, which are the new museum building and the renovated historical villa where Jozef Pilsudski lived. To make the museum building less dominant, the greater part of the new museum is hidden underground and the ground floor is covered with greenery. 

The interactive permanent exhibition presents Jozef Pilsudski´s life, from the day he was born until his death. 


Square projection space

The projection surfaces are arranged in the shape of a large square and are located between the lower and upper mezzanine around a huge pillar in the middle of the space. Each projection screen is more that 6 metres high. Both levels are connected by a ramp rising in this panoramic space with floor-to-ceiling video projections. There are 4 projectors with ultra short throw lens on each side of the square projecting from special built cases and 4 on each side are installed on the ceiling.  

Special projection screens made of semi-transparent fabric were developed especially for this installation. 

Reliable and flexible operation thanks to laser technology

The laser technology used in Panasonic projectors makes them extremly easy and user friendly to run. After more than one year of operation there was no service request. The big advantage is also, that there is no lamp, which makes it cost effective.

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