Fascinating facts: The inspiring world of Panasonic

From hardware to software, to services to capabilities, to innovation to sustainability… Some inspiring facts about the world of Panasonic. 

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Written by
Doris Uçal

Content Marketing Specialist and CXC Tour Guide

Building houses

Founded in Japan in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita - thanks to the invention of an improved attachment plug and double cluster socket - Panasonic has constantly developed new technologies and continued to grow its business. Today, it is well known for its technologies and products, which are used by more than 1 billion customers worldwide each day. However, …Did you know? 

Panasonic offers a wide range of interesting products in Asia. In addition to devices for smart homes, Panasonic also builds houses there. The so-called "Japan Quality" houses offer a solution for the ASEAN region to ensure tight fitting roofs and walls that prevent air pollution inside the building caused by impurities and fumes from outside. To achieve this, high-performance filters, and a newly developed version of the W-PC method for building houses are used. For interior design and comfort, Panasonic offers, for example, a shoe cabinet that has been adapted to the tight spaces in Japanese buildings using a special rotating technique. 


More than consumer products

Panasonic is widely known for its consumer products such as digital cameras, televisions, kitchen, and lifestyle appliances and many more. If you look closely, I’m sure that you would find a Panasonic product around, too. However, … Did you know? 

Surprisingly, only a minority of Panasonic’s global turnover is from consumer products. The main turnover comes from the widespread B2B sector. For more than 100 years, Panasonic has helped connect the world. We do this by building and optimizing our own manufacturing operations as well as supply chains and apply this know-how and technologies to create efficient new automated processes. At Panasonic Connect, we change work by optimizing processes and streamlining communication. We advance society by supporting essential services that keep global communities safe and healthy. And by providing creative solutions that power the future, we help our customers and partners connect to tomorrow. 

20,000 hour placement heads

In the development of Smart Factories, we provide not only the production equipment and software, but we can connect the whole factory to maximize output while optimizing resources across the shopfloor. Our goal is to help customers reduce production costs by increasing effectiveness. However, … Did you know?

The placement heads of Panasonic’s pick and place machines can operate 20,000 hours without external maintenance. Panasonic’s placement machines excel in low-maintenance, robust and reliable design, and have a high degree of flexibility in manufacturing to enable a wide range of applications which the European market requires. The configurations allow a high degree of flexibility. They can support ranges from lot size 1 to high placement capacities. Placement heads on the modular platform NPM hold up to 4, or 3 components on multifunctional heads, and 16 components on the high-speed heads. Reliable solutions for all capacities and speeds are provided with 1 to 4 gantries per machine, where up to 184,800 components/hour can be achieved by one single machine, such as on the NPM-DX. 

As a cost-efficient, gradationally scalable and high-mix SMT solution, AM100 meets the high standards of reliability, capacity, and flexibility. The single-head modular placement machine can place up to 35,800 components/hour and an impressive component array including 0402mm to 120 x 90 mm or 150 x 25 with an optional 28mm component height. 

Panasonic’s placement systems can accommodate up to 160 feeders depending on machine type, production order and the tape widths used.


Sustainability in smart factories 

Panasonic has committed to the ambitious goal of reducing the CO2 emissions of all our operating companies to Net Zero by 2030. We have already made progress towards this important goal with the establishment of five Net Zero CO2 factories operating in China, Japan, Brazil and Costa Rica. This has been achieved through a mixture of energy-saving measures, production and procurement of renewable energy and carbon credits. However, … Did you know?

Panasonic’s Smart Factory Solutions business already provides the lowest energy consumption equipment on the market and its sustainability mission is built on three pillars. First its efforts to reduce the CO2 footprint in the manufacture of its production line machines by shortening the supply chain and focusing on the most sustainable components. Second, by concentrating on building production line machines where retrofitting and recycling strategies can be applied for extended life cycles. The combination of software solutions, consultancy services, and automation to drive zero downtime and zero defects helps to maximize the efficiency savings of the product line. Lastly, sustainability benefits also go beyond the manufacturing process itself, with Panasonic machines being used to produce other sustainable products, such as energy-saving residential and home appliances.


44 km of saved paper per year

Panasonic’s stencil printers provide excellent results in a wide range of applications. Whereas the SPG2 is characterized by a high degree of modularity with many outstanding functions, the SPV and SPV-DC variants specialize in high-precision printing in the high-volume environment. One thing which all variants have in common is the exact printing table with the hybrid print head and the three-part transport, making speed and precision possible when very fine structures are being printed. Innovative functions such as paperless cleaning, programmable top & side clamping and the adjustable squeegee angle minimize production costs and increase product quality. However, … Did you know?

Panasonic’s patent-pending paperless cleaning solution can save up to 44 km of paper per year and introduces a new industry standard for eco-friendly operation by reducing waste while increasing user cost-savings. The breakthrough paperless cleaning technology combines six squeegee blades and an innovative vacuum system, creating a sweeping motion across the bottom of the stencil surface and removing any solder and chemical debris.


6000 sqm of experience

Opened on 2021, the Customer Experience Center (CXC) in Munich is the corporate brand center for Panasonic in Europe. With the vision for a connected society, the Panasonic Campus Munich serves as a base for communications and events, to engage with existing and future customers, journalists, and students. With a strong commitment to Panasonic’s values, we inspire our guests, embrace out-of-the-box thinking, start new collaborations, and ultimately boost business growth. However, … Did you know? 

Almost 6,000 sqm and 10 areas showcase innovative solutions of the Panasonic universe and invite our guests to participate in shaping the future. Essential for an inspiring customer experience is the versatility of the exhibitions. The Customer Experience Center within the Panasonic Campus Munich is the canvas to paint the pictures of living and working in the future. We explain in multifaceted and subtle ways how technology enriches the lives of people living today and tomorrow. We globalize knowledge, prosperity, and visions of an environmentally friendly, technophile world.

We hope you will find an opportunity to visit us one day. We would love to welcome and inspire you.

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