A Fusion of Ideas:

Diving into Innovation at Panasonic Campus Munich

Responsible for Supply Chain Solutions, Marketing, my journey has been an exciting voyage into the world of innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology. Engineering, Sales & Marketing teams have crafted a holistic story how Panasonic develops next generation supply chain technologies and how we are continually refreshing it with updated demos and a compelling story. I am part of that team and have recently shared some innovative aspects that define our campus and its immersive experiences. 

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Written by
Stefan Hauck

Head of Solution Marketing – Panasonic Connect Europe

The Marvel of Connected Signage in Retail

One innovation that truly resonates with me is our Connected Signage solution in the retail corner. It's a powerful combination of digital signage, customer analytics, and insights. This solution demonstrates our expertise as a system integrator very well, also in partnering with 3rd party solutions. As an integrator, we combine various existing systems to create a new solution. In the case of Connected Signage, we’ve matched a core competence of Panasonic, the display, with other Panasonic core products, such as camera technology, and the 3rd party data science connection to Chat GPT of our partner ADEAL Systems.

Making Innovation Tangible

Our campus pursues collaboration, providing a physical space dedicated to research and development in partnership with various entities. Clients bring their ideas and challenges to our doorstep, fostering an environment where the Campus team collaborates to create targeted solutions or prototypes.

At the heart of our mission lies the drive to make technology tangible. Through hands-on demonstrations, we not only display our diverse portfolio but also showcase interactive examples of solutions across industries, initiating engaging discussions based on visitors' specific needs. 

Finding Inspiration

What truly makes me happy to see is the collaborative environment here at Campus Munich. Partnering with institutions like the Technical University of Munich and local startups like the mobility related Ottobahn fuels a sense of pride in contributing to technological advancements and the future. Ottobahn has recently won the German Sustainability Award in 2023. Witnessing how technology and collaboration intertwine to shape innovations inspires me for my daily work.

The ever-evolving nature of the campus keeps it vibrant. This year alone, we've introduced over 10 new exhibits and updated more than 10 demos, ensuring that our space remains dynamic and relevant.

Tailored Experiences

Our customer visits are highly customized and focused on fostering innovation. Prior to innovation workshops with clients, we seek to understand their interests, involving innovation items, and inviting experts for in-depth discussions. Interactivity is key; our innovation workshops encourage guests to interact directly, pinning their thoughts or desires regarding exhibits on post-it notes, initiating discussions and potential synergies.

Embracing Innovation Through Collaboration

The Panasonic Campus Munich is not merely a physical space; it's an interplay of innovation, collaboration, and immersive technological experiences. Through a blend of cutting-edge solutions, collaborative endeavors, and a relentless commitment to making technology tangible, our campus continues to shape the future of technology and customer-centric solutions. Convince yourself and visit us in Munich!

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