How can visual technologies contribute to more sustainability in conference and convention centres?

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Daniela Karakaci

How is technology helping to make events sustainable?

Every industry sector is urgently looking at ways to improve the sustainability of their business and conference organisers and their delegates are also under the spotlight. So what can the latest visual technologies do to help conference organisers and convention centres make their business more sustainable? 

Travel to and from events and hotel stays all add up to an increasingly large carbon footprint but the technologies organisers use can assist with minimising this impact to some extent. For example, the ability to deliver high quality virtual and hybrid events minimises travel for delegates. High profile speakers also no longer have to jet from one continent to another. They can be brought to life for audiences around the world by using projection and augmented reality to present their persona on stage – saving international air miles.  

A role to play 

In addition, visual technology manufacturers themselves are also taking steps to make their solutions as sustainable as possible. At Panasonic, there is a clear commitment to sustainable goals. In our Visual business, we are focusing on making ever more durable products, with increased energy efficiency and reduced waste. For example, Panasonic was one of the world's first companies to switch from lamp to eco-friendly laser-light sources in its projectors. This switch vastly improves the energy efficiency of the devices and reduces the use of toxic metals. Furthermore, the addition of washable and re-usable Eco-Filters, in combination with the now guaranteed 20,000 maintenance-free operation hours of our projectors has contributed to longer lasting and less resource intensive products. 

Reducing power consumption

Power efficiency has also been an important focus where significant progress has been made. For example, the latest PT-MZ880 and PT-VMZ71 Series of projectors consume 20% less energy than previous models. This outcome is supported by a newly developed Eco Management System that automatically adjusts the operating level of the projectors to the optimal brightness for the environment.  

Reducing physical footprint 

Lastly, the Panasonic Visual business is also focusing on reducing the physical footprint of its projector products, creating more powerful devices in smaller form factors. This approach has made it possible to reduce by up to 40% the physical footprint of the latest PT-RQ35 projector, compared to the previous model. As well as convenience and flexibility for customers, this constant ambition to create powerful devices in ever smaller physical footprints means less plastic use and ultimately less waste. 

Green energy and global goals 

At a European level, green energy is now being used at almost all our operational locations and at a global level Panasonic Corporation has also set ambitious goals. We have a target to reduce the CO2 emissions of all our operating companies to Net Zero by 2030. In addition, we have also set out our Environment Vision 2050, where energy created will exceed energy used by the business and the use of its products by society.  

There is no easy route to sustainable business activities other than addressing each individual challenge one step at a time. I’m proud to say that Panasonic has clear goals and is well underway on its sustainable journey. Event organisers and convention centres are already seeing the benefits of these changes and they will continue with our commitment to a sustainable future.

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