The wireless workplace has arrived

Why plug and play points the way to a boom in collaborative working

Why plug and play points the way to a boom in collaborative working

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Daniela Karakaci

The wireless workplace has arrived

Why plug and play points the way to a boom in collaborative working


People work better together. 

In conference rooms across the world, creatives can dream up incredible ideas, while their more practical colleagues keep them grounded. Forward-thinkers can lay out tomorrow’s strategies, while the switched-on pragmatists remind them of our present challenges. Executives can plan an organisation’s next market breakthrough, while accounts keep their concepts within budget.

The importance of workplace collaboration can never be underestimated.

But in a world of messy wires, cable input confusion, buffering systems and lagging software, it’s not always simple.

Today’s hybrid and remote working patterns mean we need technology to facilitate collaboration. It’s no longer a nice-to-have. Having access to effortless, intelligent technology around our conference tables is critical. 

If organisations are to boost productivity, save resources, improve morale, and attract a new generation of tech-fluent employees and clients, wireless working is the way forward. 

And for a wireless presentation system that’s built for today’s working world… Just PressIT.

Cut to the chase

There’s nothing more irritating than attending a time-pressured meeting, only to experience delays due to complicated set-up. 

With PressIT, you can enjoy the benefits of collaborative working – without complex connections and software installations. 

Modernising your conference rooms with PressIT’s wireless system allows you to keep your meetings fluid, and your ideas progressing – no complicated set up, excess wires or dongles needed. In fact, with its in-built screensharing technology, you won’t need any cabling at all. Attendees can simply show up, switch on, and start sharing. So your next big idea has no limits.

Free the collaboration 

Collaboration should mean not just working together, but sharing and celebrating together, too. There’s no better feeling than the positive feedback of your colleagues upon seeing your latest project on the conference room screen.

Wireless tech gives you the opportunity display your work more easily on large, or even multiple screens, for all to see and contribute to. Better yet, your team members can each take their turn to ‘drive’ the presentation from their own devices, without productivity-sapping stops and starts. 

In fact, PressIT can connect to up to 32 devices at one time, in multimode format, across 4 screens – and in total HD. And it can switch between users seamlessly at the push of a button. 

Its huge capacity doesn’t sacrifice quality or upload speed – in fact, you’re still guaranteed full HD-resolution and smooth video content, free from delay and lag. 

Attract top talent, and more business

The new generation of graduates – and clients – are tech natives. They demand deeper connections, better collaboration, greater flexibility, and intelligent technology to facilitate it all.  

Your tech infrastructure should be equipped to support the increasingly popular bring your own device (BYOD) to work movement. Now, your team members and clients alike can feel comfortable when it comes to IT.  

PressIT is compatible with all operating systems, so everyone can use their own device with its plug-and-play functionality, whatever the hard- or software. It’s a win for accessibility too, with people able to use devices their most familiar with – whether that’s a phone, tablet or laptop – without ever being held back on sharing their ideas.

Make no mistake, the workplace of the future will be digital. And so, optimising collaborative working and maintaining lines of communication will become more important than ever before. 

PressIT removes the barriers to entry associated with collaborating via technology. 

There’s no more tech-frustration associated with meetings, just stress-free setup and increased efficiency. 

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