Shifting to MobileMark 25 for Real-World Purchasing Decisions

To the uneducated eye, BAPCo’s new MobileMark 25 performance and battery life benchmark has, on paper, led to battery life estimates for a variety of notebooks and laptops, to decrease. However, this isn’t the full story, and in the long-term, will be a huge benefit for industry professionals using power-intensive applications to choose the best device for their changing needs.


written by Dirk Weigelt, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

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MobileMark 25 Fit-for-Purpose

The role and responsibilities of the modern mobile worker are vastly different from five and ten years ago, regardless of the task and location. No longer are tasks solely restricted to using word processing and email, with a simple internet connection to relay information back to base. The modern mobile workforce now multi-tasks much more, with multimedia, file launches, background application installation, and video conferencing, all potentially happening at the same time whilst on the move.

More than ever, mobile workers need a notebook or tablet that provides a perfect balance of connectivity, flexibility and ease of use with ruggedness, modularity, security and – crucially important – long battery life.

To accurately measure this, BAPCo has launched the latest iteration of its application-based, performance-qualified battery life benchmark, MobileMark 25. The new standard replaces the previous MobileMark 2014 and 2018, respectively, and has been designed to capture the typical usage profile of this modern mobile worker – with an increased emphasis on multimedia software usage – for prospective buyers when choosing their next device. 


Real Battery Life Benchmarks For Real-World Scenarios

With support for previous iterations of the BAPCo approaching end-of-life, MobileMark 25 provides a realistic, future-proof measurement of battery life when accounting for increased LCD screen brightness (from 150cd/m² to 250cd/m²), and more resource-hungry applications running on Windows 11 Pro.

A notable difference in testing between MobileMark 2014 and 2018, and MobileMark 2025, is the reduced CPU idle time, down from 46% to 20%. Today’s mobile worker is busier than ever and relies on their mobile device more than ever, so a shorter idle time is a much more realistic benchmark.


An Eye on the Future 

Panasonic is taking the lead in providing these real-world results, with the upcoming TOUGHBOOK 55 Mk.3 the first rugged notebook to adhere to the MobileMark 25 application-based, performance-qualified battery life benchmark. 

This new benchmark provides users with better real-world usage predictability, crucial for remote field workers who may be using power-hungry applications in remote environments, where simply plugging the device into the mains electricity grid is not an option, even after exhausting hot swappable batteries that the modular TOUGHBOOK design accommodates.

With all new Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices utilising Windows 11, with Windows 11 Pro available as an optional extra, TOUGHBOOKs are at the cutting edge of user experience and security, boosting efficiency and reliability for users that will help them to stand out against the competition. As a result, only the MobileMark 25 benchmark can accurately calculate performance and battery life for devices running Windows 11/11Pro, with previous versions not supporting Microsoft’s latest operating system.


Moving the Measurement Goalposts

The latest rugged TOUGHBOOK notebooks and tablets are more high performance and efficient than ever. It’s just that the means of measuring performance and battery life has evolved, and now matches the typical usage profile of today’s modern worker, who is running multiple applications that consume more energy.

It makes sense therefore that Panasonic has been proactive in adopting BAPCo’s MobileMark 25 benchmark to provide its customers and prospects with absolute transparency when making their purchasing decisions. 

So be careful when comparing the battery life of your rugged devices in the future. Not all battery comparisons are equal. A TOUGHBOOK device with a MobileMark 25 battery life estimate will be much more accurate for your workforce.

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