RTS Serbia: complete broadcast solution in all studios

Panasonic has supplied the TV broadcaster RTS with a professional system of studio cameras which consists of 30 sets of AK-HC5000GSJ cameras, with Camera Control Unit AK-UCU500ESJ, Remote Control Panel AK-HRP1000GJ and two models of viewfinders AK-HVF70GJ and AG-CVF15G.


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Client: RTS - Radio Television of Serbia

Location: Takovska 10, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Product(s) supplied: AK-HC5000


The intention of RTS Serbia was to equip all studios with complete broadcast solution in HD resolution and first-class picture quality.


The addition of 30 AK-HC5000GSJ camera chains has facilitated RTS into an outstanding audio/video production service broadcaster.

""With the installation of new Panasonic HD cameras, RTS will get a significant boost in image quality, which will contribute to the overall improvement of production. New Panasonic AK-HC5000GJS HD Studio Cameras achieve excellent image quality and superior efficiency, and they provide maximum value to our customers,""

RTS - Radio Television of Serbia

RTS - Radio Television of Serbia, is the Serbian public service broadcaster which holds an exceptional role in social, cultural and political life in the country. RTS aired their first TV program on August 23 1958, and today it has evolved into a media giant with 11 television channels, four radio stations, a multimedia Internet service with smart phone apps, a wide network of correspondence offices, a publishing house, RTS Music production - a modern system of choirs and orchestras, PGP - a major record label... RTS is a member of the European Broadcasting Union, an alliance of public service media organizations made up of 117 member organizations from 56 countries, and 34 associate members from a further 21 countries. RTS is one of only 18 public service broadcasters in Europe with a higher viewer rating than commercial channels.


The aim to fully broadcast in HD resolution out of all studios

Within the 2018 procurement plan, Radio Television of Serbia decided to renew their contingent of studio cameras, with the aim to fully broadcast in HD resolution out of all studios. In order to get the best possible equipment for this purpose, RTS issued a request for tenders for the procurement of 30 HD Camera chains.

Before making the decision, RTS received many offers from renowned studio camera manufacturers, such as Ikegami, Hitachi, Sony and Panasonic. In a tough competition, Panasonic met all the technical requirements and has given the best overall offer for the purchase of its cameras.

Technical solution

RTS purchased30 sets of AK-HC5000GSJ2/3 "HD studio cameras with 1080p, 4x high-speed recording and first-class picture quality.

The AK-HC5000GSJ HD broadcast studio camera is equipped with newly developed 2/3 type MOS sensors, which provide a high-sensitivity and first-class signal-to-noise ratio. In addition to the DRS and CineGamma functions, the AK-HC5000 is equipped with new features such as Focus Assist, Flash Band Compensation and slant position reduction, which are implemented by high-speed displays of the MOS sensors.

In order to enhance the experience of the recording, AK-HC5000 provides some additional features, including enhanced Shockless Gain (-3dB to 36dB), custom Gamma settings, Black Gamma Correction Pedestal, multi-level digital noise reduction and easy matrix adjustment.

The AK-HC5000GSJ offers outstanding picture quality and usability. Complemented with camera control AK-UCU500, the camera can output 1080 / 60p, 240p images and deliver high-quality uncompressed transmission over long distances.

The AK-HRP1000 remote control panel has a color LCD and allows seamless control. Camera and camera control can be connected to each other and video signals can be transmitted over a distance of up to 2,000 meters when power is supplied from the camera control.


Cooperation with Panasonic experts

RTS Television Technical Department engineers and technicians carried out the project of installing the cameras in the existing system. The best overall result was achieved through cooperation with Panasonic experts who provided and carried out the training of camera operators and engineers from the broadcaster's Technical Department.

"For us, image quality is extremely important, it is a prerequisite", says Srecko Kepic. "However, the really decisive factor that led us to selecting Panasonic cameras was the availability of multiple additional features combined with the quality of product. The remote control, the numerous return channels and the fact that we can use the cameras in a variety of programs, such as news programs, talk shows and entertainment/art programs was substantive for us.”

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