MUTUA UNIVERSAL has upgraded the equipment for their Clinica Online service with Panasonic PTZ cameras

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Client: Mutua Universal

Location: Spain


Mutua Universal has specific rooms for remote visits for all health profiles and throughout the national territory. The system uses a PTZ camera, a desktop speaker with a microphone and a TV screen, all integrated within a portal running proprietary software. The challenge was to select a camera with appropriate features to improve the current level of service.


The 126 Panasonic AW-HE40 cameras offer superior image quality, which in turn has had an impact on improving remote patient assessment and examination. In addition to the best image quality, the 30x zoom allows an analysis of a patient’s lesions in great detail.

""The high image quality, excellent lighting treatment, and the broad optical zoom range of Panasonic PTZ cameras help maintain the quality and efficiency of Mutua Universal's healthcare specialists' remote visits with patients.""

Mutua Universal, a mutual health insurer that partners with the Spanish Social Security system, has upgraded the imaging and sound equipmentfor its Clinica Online Telemedicine System by incorporating Panasonic PTZ cameras. Clinica Online is a pioneering service offered by Mutua Universal at its 126 healthcare centres that allows patients to be visited online by the most appropriate specialist in each phase of their clinical process.

Since January 1, Clinica Online rooms at Mutua Universal's healthcare centres have been fitted with Panasonic AW-HE40H Full-HD cameras, equipped with a remote control system that allows the healthcare specialistto remotely manage the camera's orientation and zoom. With their high resolution and built-in tilt and swivel function, ensuring the ease-of-use and flexibility of the device, the health-care professional can inspectand analyse potential pathologies with a high level of detail. Thus, the patient hasreal-time assessment from the most appropriate specialist without the need to go for a second visit, saving waiting times and minimizing travel risks.

"The advanced capabilities of the new Panasonic cameras will allow us to increase the level of quality and efficiency of our Clinica Online, a service we have been offering for over ten years, with very positive feedback from our patients and a constant increase in the number of visits. The Clinica Online service has a high strategic value for Mutua Universal, as a pioneer in the development of telemedicine and in the application of new technologies for the continuous improvement of care for our patients," explains Román Pérez, Director of Digitization and Technology at Mutua Universal.

In order to be able to carry out the installation project within the required time frame and taking into account that there are centres throughout the national territory, Spica teamed up with nine other leading companies in audiovisual installations. Working in parallel, they carried out the installation within the expected time frame. After testing the telemedicine software, Mutua Universal technicians validated the equipment and all of their professionals attested to the leap in image quality after switching to the Panasonic PTZ cameras.

As of January 1, 2021, Mutua Universal has 126 Full-HD AW-HE40H cameras from Panasonic, distributed throughout 126 healthcare centres across the country. This equipment will be the main technological basis for the Clinica Online's healthcare service over the next 4 years. Other features of this model include the 1/2.3-type MOS sensor, 30x optical zoom (10x digital zoom + digital magnifier), HDMI audio input and video output function, and programmable memory for up to 100 positions.

About Mutua Universal

Mutua Universal is a mutual health insurer that partners with the Spanish Social Security system, present throughout the national territory. Founded in 1907, Mutua Universal currently offers its services to over 128,000 member companies and 1,450,000 workers. With over 1,800 employees working out of 136 work centres.


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