ErP Regulation ForFlat Panel Display (Lot5)

EU Ecodesign Regulation for Panasonic Professional Flat Panel Display

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EU Ecodesign legislation (ErP Lot5) is intended to encourage the development of the circular economy by improving the lifetime of products as well and enhancing the end of life disposal and recycling of hardware. All Panasonic Professional Flat panel displays placed on the EU market after 1 March 2021 are fully compliant with the new regulations, from design and labelling through to spare parts lists access and supply and easy access to end of file disposal, repair and recycling information.

Access End of Life (EOL) Dismantling Documents

To access End of Life dismantling data visit our Panasonic Testing Centre to view the material archive where you can download instructions for accessing the different components for recycling our Display Products when they are retired from use.

Where to access a List of Simple Parts and Accessories by Model

If you are looking to replace an accessory such as a remote control or source a genuine power supply cable these are listed on the Operation Instructions provided with the unit. If you need to access a copy these can be accessed from our Public Web. Please click here to visit the site

Where to Buy Parts and Accessories

Spare Parts and Accessories for Panasonic Professional Flat Panel Display are available through our EU wide authorised service centres. You can get details for suppliers in your region by visiting our Parts Centre Web site, alternatively you can contact us direct for details of your nearest supplier click here to contact us for more info

Access to Professional Repairer Information Data

If you are a professional repairer and would like to repair our products as defined under the EU ecodesign legislation you can apply for access to our Data Archive where you can have unlimited access to the Service Documentation relating to our Lot5 Compliant Products, Technical Reference sheets, Full Parts Lists Operation Instructions and latest firmware. There is a yearly admin fee for access and we need you to apply for access and accept our terms and conditions of access. If you want to apply for access please click here.

EU Ecodesign Documentation

If you want access to any Compliance Documentation for any of our Professional Displays these can be found in our Panasonic Testing Centre Document Archive Web here: