Plasma Dicer


Particle-free, damage-free, high yield plasma dicing.

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Plasma dicing is becoming increasingly attractive in the semiconductor market. Dies are becoming smaller and thinner and manufacturers are facing difficulties such as increasing material loss due to the width of the dicing line, mechanical damage to the dies from chipping and increasingly longer processing times due to line-by-line mechanical dicing.

Panasonic’s APX300 Plasma Dicer solves these challenges and simultaneously provides a higher quality product with a lower cost of production.

Features and benefits of Panasonic's APX300 Plasma Dicer

Plasma dicing requires a dicing street mask. After the mask is applied to the surface of the wafer and the dicing streets are exposed, the plasma process etches the exposed streets by a chemical reaction.

By using a chemical etching process, a chipping-free and particle-free process is achieved. Thanks to the use of mask patterning, narrower street widths are possible – allowing more chips to be designed onto the wafer. Furthermore, the mask patterning allows complete flexibility in chip size, shape and position.

The benefits of the Panasonic APX300 Plasma Dicer are:

  • Particle-free and damage-free process
  • Higher chip strength
  • Yield improvements

The Panasonic APX300 is available in a stand-alone single chamber (1 chamber) or a multi chamber (1, 2, or 3 chambers) configuration. 

Panasonic can provide a plasma dicing total solution to achieve a damage-free, particle-free, higher throughput and lower overall cost of production.

The Panasonic APX300 is CE certified. 

Key features

Particle-free and damage-free process
Higher chip strength
Yield improvements

Specifications table

Dimensions (mm)[Load lock wafer Handling] W 1350 x D 2230 x H 2000 (Exclude touch panel, operation section and signal tower) [Load lock wafer Handling] W 1375 x D 2600 x H 2000 (Exclude touch panel, operation section and signal tower) W 1350 × D 2230 × H 2000 mm (Single chamber system (Optional transfer unit attachment type) *The transfer unit (optional) is of the vacuum load lock supply type using dedicated cassettes.
Plasma sourceICP Plasma
Model NumberNM-EFE4AA-D
Process gas4 Line (standard) (Maximum 6 lines : Fluoride Gas, Ar, O2, He, etc.)
Wafer sizeφ200 mm (standard), or φ300 mm (with ring frame)  * For other wafer sizes, please contact us.
Mass2 330 kg (differs depending on machine configuration)
Power Source3-phase AC 200 / 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 ±10 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 21.0 kVA * 2-line 3-phase power source, and this shows the total. Peripheral devices, such as dry pump and chiller, are not included.
Pneumatic Source0.5 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa, 250 L/min (A.N.R.)
N2 Source0.1 MPa ~ 0.2 MPa, 50 L/min (A.N.R.)