Panasonic Availability Of Most Powerful Yet Quietest LCD Laser Projector Range For Learning And Business

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Panasonic today announced November availability of the new PT-MZ16K projector range designed for learning and business. The world’s first laser LCD projector with liquid cooling technology is the quietest and most powerful Panasonic projector of its type on the market delivering 16K lumens brightness for a clear viewing experience, with continuous operational reliability and simplified system integration.

Long lasting, clear viewing experience

The PT-MZ16K series with WUXGA resolution delivers the brightest 3LCD SOLID SHINE™ projectors, ranging from 10,000 to 16,000 lumens in three different models (PT-MZ16K, PT-MZ13K and PT-MZ10K). The long lasting, clear viewing experience is delivered with design innovations including a new 1in LCD panel, a new platform for the LD unit and a new lense. The first liquid cooling system for a laser LCD device ensures it is the quietest in its sector (38dB in normal mode for MZ16K).

The dust resistant ECO filter last for up to 20,000 hours and can be simply rinsed with water making it trouble-free and ideal for lecture theatres and seminar rooms.

The range is ready for 4K and able to accept 4K/60p input from DIGITAL LINK and HDMI.

Built for continuous operation

Built for reliability, the optical block in the PT-MK16K range uses a Triple Drive Engine with Panasonic’s original compact inorganic phosphor wheel to ensure non-stop operation and maintained high brightness even with an unexpected laser failure. In the case of a signal failure, the device automatically switches to a secondary back-up input of choice.

A small LED display has also been included in the device, alongside the input ports, to aid simple set-up and to check status information and error messages.

Simplified system integration

The PT-MZ16K range is the lightest in its category weighing less than 22.3kg and with a volume under 53L. The new lense line-up ensures there are no image throw gaps with 0.48-7.4 throw ratios.

The range comes with Geo Pro capability with a remote controller for projector adjustment and faster and easier control over a network. It can also be upgraded to ET-UK20 software for more flexible and functional capabilities such as Geometric adjustment, masking and uniformity and CUK10 software for time and cost saving auto camera adjustment.

The series has a full range of input capabilities including, SDI IN, DVI-D IN, RGB IN, HDMI, LAN/DIGITAL LINK, LAN, DC OUT, SERIAL IN/OUT, REMOTE1/2 IN/OUT.

“The PT-MZ16K range harnesses all Panasonic’s expertise in innovation, design and engineering to deliver our quietest and most powerful LCD projector range for learning and business,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic Business. “Whether operating in lecture theatres or business meeting rooms, customers can guarantee ground-breaking levels of viewing clarity and reliability from this new range.”

The PT-MZ16K, PT-MZ13K and PT-MZ10K projectors will be available from Mid November 2019. For further information visit: 

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