Panasonic introduces world’s smallest and lightest beyond 4K high brightness projector

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Panasonic Business has launched a 4K+ laser-phosphor addition to its projector lineup aimed at live event staging, exhibitions, rental, and permanent installations.

The PT-RQ22K is a 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE projector which shares the same dimensions as the WUXGA PT-RZ21K, Europe’s best selling high brightness projector with over 500 units sold in the nine months since its release.

Equipped with unique pixel shift technology, the RQ22K creates more pixels on a screen than a conventional 4K laser projector – for sharper images and more immersive, true to life experiences.

“The RQ22K meets the demand for a light weight, high-brightness 4K+ projector with film-like image quality. It is suitable for the toughest conditions in the most confined projection stacks,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic. “We have developed state-of-the-art imaging engines, including a Quad Pixel Drive and 240 Hz real motion processor. This enables extremely crisp and sharp images. For creatives this means they can produce fast moving contents without motion blur and juddering.”

Designed for roles where absolute reliability is critical, the PT-RQ22K has a dual light engine, and can switch to a backup video signal instantaneously if a primary source goes down. Heat-resistant phosphor wheels and solid-state laser modules serve vivid 4K+ images with industry leading brightness, contrast, and accuracy. The PT-RQ22K also offers BT.2020 emulation and supports playback of premium HDR video content.

 “The RQ22K has the same compact chassis as the RZ21K, so can utilise the same cages and lens stocks as the industry’s most popular technology. This makes the transition to 4K more affordable than ever before. Shielding the optical engine with heat-pipe based cooling and eliminating the need for an air filter, means the projector can operate with no maintenance for very long periods of time, even in dusty environments,” adds Hartmut Kulessa.

The PT-RQ22K has a single-cable 4K DIGITAL LINK connection and is compatible with the newly launched Panasonic 12G-SDI interface board (ET-MDN12G10), as well as the full range of 3-Chip DLP™ Panasonic lenses.

The PT-RQ22K is available from September 2018. 

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