Panasonic launches range of interactive whiteboards

Panasonic is set to introduce two new touch-panel displays, which promise to make digital whiteboard communication affordable for business and education.

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Complementing the existing interactive display line up, the 75 inch 4K direct-LED panel (TH-75BQE1) and 65-inch Full HD direct-LED panel (TH-65BFE1) are compatible with Panasonic’s Whiteboard Software when connected to a PC via USB and HDMI or VGA.

Facilitating up to 10-point touch, the 400 cd/m2 interactive panels enable easy notation using a stylus pen, as well as loupe, spotlight, and a fade-out marker. The displays also include a simple USB memory viewer to decode media stored on USB devices.

“We’ve taken the operability of our interactive display range and made it more accessible and affordable,” said Florence Antony, Product Marketing Manager for Panasonic. “The technology is extremely powerful for collaborative learning and meetings. For instance, two or more people can operate the Whiteboard mode simultaneously, so that files can be worked on as a group, before editing and saving.”  

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